20 Hairstyles for Long Hair - You should try in 2018

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The long hairstyles is a major issue for so many girls so here is a complete list of haircuts for long hair which is simple and classy to make so if you searching for long haircuts then this is a worth reading blog.
20 Hairstyles for Long Hair - You should try in 2018

Every girl loves to do fashion and hairstyling is the major part of fashion because your hairstyle plays an important role in making your personality and also helps you to look classy and gorgeous so one should never ever compromise on their hair because if you have set your hair well then automatically you will look beautiful but if your hair is messy or not set properly then it will never give you a charming look. Now not only teenage girls, in fact, little kids also love to apply different hairstyles and those kids who have long hair can look super gorgeous with different hairstyles.

Long hairstyles

Now when it comes to short hair then it's quite difficult to make new hairstyles for different events and mostly they end up having a simple ponytail on every function and of course, simple hairstyle doesn't make you look classy but when it comes to long hair then we have many options for long hairstyles. There are a number of hairstyles which you can apply on different functions and of course, will definitely look classy on you. Now I decided to bring for you a collection of different hairstyles for long hair so that you can try them at home. So here is a list of haircuts/hairstyles for all those school/university going or office going girls who have long hair and it becomes difficult for them to handle especially in summers.

Haircuts for long hair/ long haircuts

Now if you are searching for different hairstyles for long hair then you are at a right place just check these simple yet classy hairstyles given below and try to implement them at home because they are quite easy and there is nothing hard to implement these hairstyles at home and I bet you that they will definitely give you a classy look and will make your appearance alluring.

1- Layered haircut

I guess this is the best haircut for long hair because most girls love to open their hair for different functions and a stylish haircut will definitely make them elegant than a simple haircut so if you have a long hair then must go for this haircut and before having this haircut keep one thing in mind that go to an expert salon so that they cut your hair in a proper way.long hairstyles

2- Braid with loose curls

If you are a school going or university going girl then this hairstyle will look best for your school/university functions. Just make a simple braid on right and left side of your hair and then from back give your hair loose curls it will definitely give you an elegant and classy look or if you want to keep them straight then it's up to you but this hairstyle for any function is a must try and it's very simple to make.

haircuts for long hair

3- Side braid with Ponytail

This is a simple and best hairstyle schools/universities. If you are a student or a teacher then you can make this simple yet classy hairstyle. Of course, simple ponytail doesn't make you look classy so why not to try this side braid with the ponytail which is the best option for the girls who have long hair. Now it's up to you that whether to apply it on left side or right side.long haircuts

4- Texturized twist

A twist is very common among girls and most girls love to make a twist and I guess this is the best hairstyle for girls and it's not a time taking hairstyle as if you are in hurry then you can simply make a twist and look elegant. Now it's up to you that either you like to make it on the left side or on the right side or on both sides but a twist with an open straight hair is the best combination so it's better to make it with open straight hair.long hairstyles

5- Twisted Bun hairstyle

Most girls love to make a bun and even I personally love it and most girls want to make a stylish bun in weddings or any function because bun on long hair suits much so why not to try this twisted bun which will give you an elegant look and it's not difficult to try it at home even I too tried it at home and it gave me a classy look.long haircuts

6- Twist Side Braid

I guess there is no one out there who don't know how to make this twist side braid and such hairstyle can be applied anywhere even at home because most girls love to make simple braid at home so why not   try this twist side braid while going to college or any simple function or anywhere it will give you an elegant look.haircuts for long hair

7- Tornado Twist

After reading the name you will definitely think of some complicated hairstyle but trust me there is nothing complicated in this hairstyle it is as easy as all mentioned above. Make a twist on both sides and then make a ponytail at the back, leaving them open will not look good according to my point of view so better to make a ponytail.long haircuts

8- Side Braid with Backcombing

The little girl who has long hair looks alluring but if they have a proper hairstyle then it becomes an addition to their beauty then why not to try this side braid with backcombing which will give them a princess look and it's really hard for kids to handle their long hair especially in summers so in this way they can properly handle their hair while remaining classy.long hairstyles

9- Long hair and Bangs

This haircut gives a perfect look to your princess. If your daughter has a long hair then do try with this haircut and this is much common among little kids. So this bang haircut with a hair catcher is enough to give your daughter an alluring look in any event.haircuts for long hair

10- Curly waterfall braid

Now there is a big problem with curly hair even it's hard to brush them and it becomes really tough to handle them so for that curly hair isn't this the best hairstyle which can be applied in any wedding function or any formal function and it will give your little princess an alluring look so this curly waterfall braid is worth trying.long haircuts

11- Side Dutch braids

This is a perfect hairstyle for office going girls because they always have a problem with their hairstyle that way to apply in order to look decent and classy so this side dutch braid is easy to apply and will give you an elegant look so it's up to you whether to make it with ponytail or a simple bun and you can also apply it in any function with open hair.long haircuts

12- French Double Braid

Most girls love french braid and of course, it suits everyone face so if you haven't tried this double french braid then do give it a try. Yes, it's not that easy to make but of course, with practice, you can become expert in it and this you can carry this hairstyle everywhere even at home so this is a must try.long haircuts

I guess these hairstyles are best to apply at least for once so if you like any hairstyle among these then do tell me by giving your feedback through the comment section.

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