Here how to get green card in 7 European countries

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The steps to becoming a Green Card holder (permanent resident) vary by category and depend on whether you currently live inside or outside Europe. Gives the holder permanent residence in Europe. Green Card holders can legally live and work in Europe. They can also travel in and out of the country more freely. The EU Green Card is the first step toward Europe Immigration.
Here how to get green card in 7 European countries

To be the citizen of a progressing country is a dream of every human being living in an under-developed country. When it comes to migrating to another country, what would be better than Europe?

Green Card Denotes the Relationship

Citizenship denotes the relationship between an individual and a state in which the individual owes allegiance to the state and in turn is entitled to its protection. Citizenship may normally be gained by birth within a certain territory, descent from a parent who is a citizen, marriage to a citizen, or naturalization.Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere. Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia. Europe is generally considered as separated from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways of the Turkish Straits.Here we are sharing seven European countries which are offering easy ways to the green card.These are Iceland, France, UK, Italy, Belguim, Netherland, Switzerland.Green Card - Citizenship denotes the relationship

1-ITALY Country

Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine. Its capital, Rome, is home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins.Since the European Union has been established, citizens of all the member countries automatically became citizens of European Union. European citizenship is supplementary to national citizenship and affords advantageous rights such as the right to free movement, settlement, and employment across the EU.

For this reason, Italian citizenship became more desirable for the non-EU citizens, who would otherwise be expected to obtain a residency permit if they want to reside anywhere in Europe. Once Italian citizenship is obtained, no visa or residency permit is needed for any EU country. The following laws currently (as of 2014) apply to Italian citizenship, but you should check whether these have been amended before making any important decisions.easy Green Card - Italy Country

  • Any child born to an Italian father or mother is automatically Italian, as is a child born in Italy of unknown or stateless parents, or if the child doesn't obtain the citizenship (cittadinanza) of its parents under the law of their country.
  • A foreigner married to an Italian citizen can apply for Italian citizenship two years after marriage if legally residing in Italy, or three years after marriage if living abroad. Time frames are reduced by half in the presence of children born or adopted by the spouses.
  • A foreign resident who isn't married to an Italian can apply for citizenship after four years’ residence if he is a European Union (EU) national, otherwise after ten years. Stateless people residing in Italy and foreigners serving the Italian state can apply after five years, as well as foreigners over the age of 18 adopted by Italian nationals. Those who have served in the Italian military for a period of at least 5 years require no period of legal residence.
  • A foreigner with a parent or grandparent who was an Italian citizen at birth qualifies for citizenship after living in Italy for three years after his 18th birthday or, if born in Italy, at any age.
  • A child born to foreign parents in Italy doesn't automatically acquire Italian citizenship but has the right to it provided it’s requested within one year of reaching the age of 1Green Card European Union has been established, citizens of all the member countries

In order to obtain Italian citizenship, you must apply to the Minister of the Interior (Ministro degli Interni) through the Prefecture of the Province of residence, if in Italy or through an Italian consulate abroad. A concession tax must be paid and you must swear loyalty to the republic and that you’ll observe Italy’s constitution and laws. As with most things involving bureaucrats in Italy, the process of applying for and obtaining Italian citizenship is a long-drawn-out affair often taking years, which will stretch your patience to the limit. The fee for acquiring the citizenship is 300 euros. The required documents vary according to your situation and nationality (it’s allegedly easier for those married to Italians); up to 14 documents may be required, many of which must be on official paper (bollo), translated by an official translator, authenticated or legalized.A list of the necessary documents is available from your local government office. After you've made an application, the authorities have 18 months to make a decision.

2-Iceland World

Iceland has beautiful natural features, a strong government dedicated to social welfare and some of the lowest crime rates in the Western world. If you'd like to be a part of Iceland, the process of citizenship is rigorous but not overwhelming. For any dedicated person who wants citizenship, becoming a citizen of Iceland will be an uncomplicated process.Iceland World - easy Green Card

Rules and Regulations to Obtain Citizenship of Iceland.

Carefully check the time conditions in the Icelandic Nationality Act to ensure you have spent enough time in Iceland to qualify to apply for citizenship. Single foreign nationals will have needed to live in Iceland for seven years, while foreign nationals married to an Icelandic citizen will only need to have resided in Iceland for three years after the marriage.Secure at least two testimonials from former employers. These testimonials should discuss your suitability for citizenship, your work ethic, and your ability to support yourself as a citizen. Be sure to have several signed original copies of these documents in your files in case you need to present them to more than one official. Also, secure any tax documents you may be missing from your employers.

Register for and take the Icelandic citizenship exam. This exam is administered twice a year, to demonstrate you have a working knowledge of the Icelandic language and the history of Iceland. If this test would somehow be unfair to you, due to disability or another mitigating factor, you should contact the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, which will work with you on this issue.Review any special requirements with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and then present all necessary materials, such as the testimonials and tax records of your time in Iceland, to the ministry for review. Retain copies of these documents in case you need to present them again. It may take several months before you hear from the Ministry.easy Green Card of Iceland

3-France Country

The country home to the city of love, Paris is on everyone’s bucket list. It would be a dream come true to live there permanently.You can become a French citizen with all the accompanying rights (like voting in French elections) through either naturalization, marriage or birth (whether born in France or born to a French parent while abroad). You must be over 18 and be living in France. You don’t have to give up your original nationality when you become a French citizen but can have dual nationality.easy Green Card France Country


You can apply to become a naturalised French citizen if you have been living in France for five continuous years (less under certain circumstances, such as having studied in a French university for two years, contributing to the "radiance" of France, or possessing an "exceptional course of integration" in civic action, science, economics, culture or sports, in which case it's two years);can prove that you have integrated into the French community by speaking French and having a knowledge of French culture and society and the rights and duties of French citizens.

Marriage o a French Citizen

If you want to know how to become a French citizen after four years of marriage to a French citizen, as long as: you are still married to each other.Your spouse retains his/her French have a good knowledge of the French language.easy Green Card France Marriages

Birth Details

Children born to foreign citizens on French soil can claim French citizenship by descent on their 16th birthday and be granted full citizenship at 18 years old provided France has been their main residence for five consecutive years since the age of 11. An amendment to French law in 2015 also makes it possible for children to acquire French citizenship at 18 years old if they have lived in France since the age of six, attended a French school and have a sibling who obtained French citizenship. If you are the foreign parent of a child aged at least 13 years old and resident in France since eight years old, you can claim French citizenship on their behalf in front of a magistrate. If one parent has French citizenship and has lived in France for more than five years, a minor can also be naturalized. If you were not born in France but you were born to a French parent, you can apply for a demand attribution at your town hall. Foster and adopted children can also claim French citizenship if their guardian is a French citizen.

4-United Kingdom

The UK has various visas that allow you to enter the country. Majority of people travel on a work visa and then apply for renewals and after completing a specific duration, apply for the citizenship process.There are different ways to become a British citizen. The most common is called ‘naturalisation’.You can apply for British citizenship by naturalization if:

  • you’re 18 or over
  • you’re of good character, for example, you don’t have a serious or recent criminal record, and you haven’t tried to deceive the Home Office or been involved in immigration offenses in the last 10 years
  • you’ll continue to live in the UK
  • you’ve met the knowledge of English and life in the UK requirements
  • you meet the residency requirementeasy Green Card United Kingdom

And you must usually have:

  • lived in the UK for at least the 5 years before the date of your application
  • spent no more than 450 days outside the UK during those 5 years
  • spent no more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months
  • had a settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) in the UK for the last 12 months if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • had permanent residence status for the last 12 months if you’re a citizen of an EEA country - you need to provide a permanent residence document
  • not broken any immigration laws while in the UK
  • There are different requirements if your spouse or civil partner is a British citizen.easy Green Card Apply for Citizenship

5-Belgium Country

The European country has a huge community of Pakistanis living as expats. Belgium is also among the few countries that allow its citizens to hold a dual nationality, as a Pakistani you would not have to renounce your Pakistani nationality.How to Apply for Belgian Citizenship?Go to consulate or commune and receive, a stamped copy of your identification card stamped printed list of all your residences in Belgium. Each official stamp costs 8.50 euros, get an original of your birth certificate translated by an official translator – a Traducteur Assessment and the official form of application for Belgian citizenship.easy Green Card Belgium

The application is detailed and has questions regarding immediate family member and their place of birth. You will be asked to state a clear reason as to why you want Belgian citizenship, and you will also make a statement declaring loyalty Belgian state and the Belgian King – which you must copy in your handwriting and sign. You may also need to certify your birth certificate when you apply for Belgian citizenship, and take this document to a Greffe who will give you an official stamp. You meet with a Greffe at a Palais de justice. In Brussels, the Palais de Justice can be found next to the Louise Metro stop. Submit your application, your certified stamped birth certificate, to the Chambre des Representants, which is located on Boulevard de Région.How to Apply for Belgian Citizenship? easy Green Card

Your full citizen application needs to include:

  • Printed list of legal Belgian residencies (with official Commune stamp)
  • Official photocopy of your Belgian ID card (with official Commune stamp)
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Official translation of your birth certificate (official stamps from Traducteur Assessment AND the Gaffe at the Palais de Justice)
  • Your completed citizen application form, with signed statements of loyalty.
  • Finally…
  • Your citizenship can be processed under an expedited process, or it can take up to two years to complete the process.
  • Proficiency in Dutch or French is sometimes required for the final step in the process, to receive citizenship and passport from Belgium, others have reported that they received citizenship without being fluent in Dutch or French.Belgium easy Green Card


The Netherlands, a country in northwestern Europe, is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Canalside mansions and a trove of works from artists including Rembrandt and Vermeer remain from the city's 17th-century "Golden Age."Netherland easy Green Card

How to obtain Dutch citizenship?

Expats who have been living in the Netherlands for several years may be eligible to apply for Dutch citizenship (Nederlandse nationalities).There are three ways to gain Dutch citizenship:By means of naturalization (naturalization), You have lived in the Netherlands (or the Dutch Caribbean) for an uninterrupted five year period and you meet other conditions that are mentioned below.By means of the option procedure (option procedure), If you have continuously lived in the Netherlands since birth or early childhood, or if you meet other requirements that qualify you as eligible for the option procedure.By law (by birth or family relations) (van rechtswege), If you are born to a Dutch father or mother, if your Dutch father acknowledges paternity or if you are adopted by Dutch parents then you can apply for Dutch citizenship by law.How to obtain Dutch citizenship? easy Green Card


The land of the Swiss Alps is surely a place that everyone wants to visit. Pakistanis wanting to visit or migrate can apply for the visa at the Embassy of Switzerland in Islamabad.Swiss citizenship laws have undergone dramatic changes in the past 20 years. For one, a Swiss woman no longer loses her citizenship for marrying a foreigner.To become Swiss, there are basically three paths: through birth, marriage (not automatic) or naturalization. This section concerns those who would like to become Swiss or to reclaim their Swiss citizenship, both of which can require a lengthy process.

Unlike in the United States, Switzerland does not grant a child citizenship for being born on Swiss soil. A person is automatically Swiss if he or she is the child of married parents, at least one of whom is Swiss. The child of an unmarried Swiss woman is also automatically Swiss. Should an unmarried father be Swiss (and the mother a foreigner), the child can have Swiss citizenship as long as the father acknowledges paternity before the child turns legal age.Switzerland allows citizens to hold multiple nationalities, so whether a naturalized person loses previous citizenship depends upon the other country in question.We have suggested you the best places to migrate. Now it's up to you for which one you'll pack up.Switzerland

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