Fresh Cash Issuance by SBP on EID

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How to get Fresh Currency from Bank with SMS services.
Fresh Cash Issuance by SBP on EID

Methods to Get Fresh Currency Notes

  1. Go to Write Message

  2. Write National Identity Card Number I.D Number of selected branch

  3. Send the message to 8877

You will receive message of transaction number and branch address. Then You will show transaction number to concerned branch with original I.D Card and also take its photocopy of I.D card. You can get following currency notes

  • Three packets of 10 Rupees currency notes

  • One packet of 50 Rupees currency notes

  • One packet of 100 Rupees currency notes

Methods to Get Fresh Currency Notes

Some Branch address With City and Login ID detail

Branch ID    Branch Name    Branch Address    City    Login ID
CHN001    Allied Bank Ltd    Grain Market Lalian    Chiniot    CHN001
CHN002    United Bank Ltd    Bhowana Branch    Chiniot    CHN002
CHN003    MCB Bank Ltd    Block-15, Gole Bazar, Chenab Nagar, Tehsil Lalian    Chiniot    CHN003
CHN004    National Bank of Pakistan    Chiniot Road, Pindi Bhattian    Chiniot    CHN004
CHN005    Askari Bank Ltd    Near New Session Courts, Jhang Road    Chiniot    CHN005
CHN006    Bank of Punjab    Ghalla Mandi    Chiniot    CHN006
CHN007    JS Bank Ltd    Near Nadra Office    Chiniot    CHN007
FSD001    State Bank of Pakistan BSC    M.A. Jinnah Road, Near G.T.S. Chowk    Faisalabad    FSD001
FSD002    Bank of Punjab    Ghalla Mandi Branch, Chak Jhumra      Faisalabad    FSD002
FSD003    Faysal Bank Ltd    Ghulam Muhammad Abad Branch Fsd    Faisalabad    FSD003
FSD004    Bank of khyber    Ibb Kotwali Road Branch    Faisalabad    FSD004
FSD005    Allied Bank Ltd    Square No.43, Chak No.220/R.B., Gulfishan Colony, Jhang Road    Faisalabad    FSD005
FSD006    Bank Al-Falah Ltd    Jarranwala Road Branch    Faisalabad    FSD006
FSD007    JS Bank Ltd    159-B Gulistan Colony Millat Road Fsd    Faisalabad    FSD007
FSD008    Bank Al-Falah Ltd    Nia Bazar Jarranwala Branch      Faisalabad    FSD008
FSD009    Khushhali MFB    Ismaeel Plaza,Faisalabad Road,Jaranwala    Faisalabad    FSD009
FSD010    Soneri Bank Ltd    Naya Bazar, Jaranwala    Faisalabad    FSD010
FSD011    Habib Bank Ltd    Grain Market Chak Jhumra, Chak Jhumra Branch    Faisalabad    FSD011
FSD012    MCB Bank Ltd    Adda Dijkot    Faisalabad    FSD012
FSD013    Askari Bank Ltd    Khurrianwala    Faisalabad    FSD013
FSD014    Soneri Bank Ltd    Jaranwala Khurrianwala Road,Khurrianwla    Faisalabad    FSD014
FSD015    National Bank of Pakistan    Tehsil Head Quartertandlianwala    Faisalabad    FSD015
FSD016    MCB Bank Ltd    Quaid E Azam Road Tandlianwala    Faisalabad    FSD016
FSD017    Habib Bank Ltd    Main Bazar Mamukanjan, Mamukanjan Branch    Faisalabad    FSD017
FSD018    National Bank of Pakistan    Main Branch, City Thana Road Samundri    Faisalabad    FSD018
FSD019    MCB Bank Ltd    Chak No.199-Rb, Gatwala    Faisalabad    FSD019
FSD020    MCB Islamic Bank    P-75/2, Kotwali Road    Faisalabad    FSD020
FSD021    United Bank Ltd    P-75, Kotwali Road    Faisalabad    FSD021
FSD022    National Bank of Pakistan    Mamunkanjan    Faisalabad    FSD022
FSD023    United Bank Ltd    Satyana Banglow Faisalabad Road    Faisalabad    FSD023
FSD024    Meezan Bank Ltd    Shop# 68 & 69, Dijkot Road    Faisalabad    FSD024
FSD025    Askari Bank Ltd    Montgomery Bazar Clock Tower    Faisalabad    FSD025
FSD026    Allied Bank Ltd    Rajana Chowk    Faisalabad    FSD026
FSD027    Habib Bank Ltd    Main Road Adda Muridwala, Adda Muridwala    Faisalabad    FSD027
FSD028    MCB Bank Ltd    Kanjwani, District Faisalabad    Faisalabad    FSD028
FSD029    Habib Bank Ltd    Agriculture University Faisalabad, Agriculture University Branch    Faisalabad    FSD029
FSD030    Habib Bank Ltd    Canal Road, Faisalabad, West Canal Branch    Faisalabad    FSD030
FSD031    Meezan Bank Ltd    Plot # P-404, Amin Town, Near Kashmir Bridge, West Canal Road    Faisalabad    FSD031
FSD032    Bank Al-Falah Ltd    9-19 B, Sadar Bazar, Ghulam Muhammad Abad    Faisalabad    FSD032
FSD033    Habib Bank Ltd    Satyana Road Road Near Mcdonald    Faisalabad    FSD033
FSD034    Habib Bank Ltd    Pull Korian, Samundari Road, New Abadi Branch    Faisalabad    FSD034
FSD035    Bank Al-Habib Ltd    9-Z-101 Main Susan Road Madina Town Faisalabad    Faisalabad    FSD035
FSD036    Askari Bank Ltd    Peoples Colony    Faisalabad    FSD036
FSD037    Dubai Islamic bank    575-B People's Colony, Satiana Road    Faisalabad    FSD037
FSD038    Bank Al-Falah Ltd    P-9, Main Road, Samanabad    Faisalabad    FSD038
FSD039    Bank Al-Falah Ltd    P-352 A, Gulistan Colony No.2, Millat Road, Millat Chowk    Faisalabad    FSD039
FSD040    MCB Bank Ltd    Mansoorabad      Faisalabad    FSD040
FSD041    Al Baraka Bank Ltd    816- C, Main Faisal Lane, Civil Lines    Faisalabad    FSD041
FSD042    Bank Al-Habib Ltd    Plot No.409,Main Guberg Road,Jinnah Colony    Faisalabad    FSD042
FSD043    Habib Bank Ltd    Narwala Road, Razabad, Raza Abad Branch    Faisalabad    FSD043
FSD044    Soneri Bank Ltd    Painsera Branch,Jhang Road, Painsera    Faisalabad    FSD044
FSD045    National Bank of Pakistan    Abdullah Pur Branch Faisalabad    Faisalabad    FSD045
FSD046    Sindh Bank Ltd    7- D-Ground Peoples Colony No. 01    Faisalabad    FSD046
FSD047    National Bank of Pakistan    Malikpur Manawala Faisalabad    Faisalabad    FSD047
FSD048    Allied Bank Ltd    Khatooni 817-18 Khasra 22/2, 3/2, Sheikhupura Road, Manawala    Faisalabad    FSD048
FSD049    Allied Bank Ltd    P-173, Khasra No. 1835, Lal Mill Chowk Factory Area    Faisalabad    FSD049
FSD050    Habib Metro Bank Ltd     Susan Road Branch, Nadeem Tower, S-7,Susan Road    Faisalabad    FSD050
FSD051    Habib Metro Bank Ltd    P-61, Sargodha Road, Opps Punjab Medical Collage    Faisalabad    FSD051
HFZ001    Allied Bank Ltd    Vanikay Road    Hafizabad    HFZ001
HFZ002    Meezan Bank Ltd    Sargodha Road, Near Soneri Bank    Hafizabad    HFZ002
HFZ003    Habib Metro Bank Ltd    Gujranwala Road    Hafizabad    HFZ003
HFZ004    Soneri Bank Ltd    Sagar Road    Hafizabad    HFZ004
HFZ005    Habib Bank Ltd    Gujranwala Road    Hafizabad    HFZ005
HFZ006    Khushhali MFB    Shop B1- 185 Ghari Awan Kas00ki Chowk    Hafizabad    HFZ006
HFZ007    National Bank of Pakistan    Main Branch Hafiz Abad, Ali Pur Road Vanike Chowk    Hafizabad    HFZ007
HFZ008    MCB Bank Ltd    Mcb Vanike Tarar    Hafizabad    HFZ008
HFZ009    Askari Bank Ltd    Islamic Banking, Sagar Road    Hafizabad    HFZ009
HFZ010    National Bank of Pakistan    Sukheke Mandi Branch, Railway Road, Sukheke    Hafizabad    HFZ010
JHG001    Bank Islami    Civil Line Canal Road Branch    Jhang    JHG001
JHG002    National Bank of Pakistan    Bhakkar Road, Main Branch    Jhang    JHG002
JHG003    Habib Bank Ltd    Yousuf Shah Road Branch    Jhang    JHG003
JHG004    Allied Bank Ltd    Nawaz Chowk Civil Line    Jhang    JHG004
JHG005    Khushhali MFB    Jhang Road,Near Sabir Chowk,Shorkot City    Jhang    JHG005
JHG006    United Bank Ltd    Gojra Road, Satellite Town    Jhang    JHG006
JHG007    National Bank of Pakistan    Shorkot City Branch, Shorkot    Jhang    JHG007
JHG008    National Bank of Pakistan    Ahmed Pur Sial Branch    Jhang    JHG008
JHG009    National Bank of Pakistan    Tehsil 18-Hazari      Jhang    JHG009
JHG010    MCB Bank Ltd    Po Shorkot Cantt, Tehsil Shorkot    Jhang    JHG010
KHU002    MCB Bank Ltd    Plot No.3, Block No.2, Jauharabad    Khushab    KHU002
KHU003    MCB Bank Ltd    Sargodha Road, Near Katha Chowk    Khushab    KHU003
KHU004    United Bank Ltd    Village & P.O Noorpur Thal      Khushab    KHU004
SGD001    United Bank Ltd    Main Bazar Bhalwal    Sargodha    SGD001
SGD002    Khushhali MFB    Liaqat Shaheed Road, Bhalwal    Sargodha    SGD002
SGD003    Bank of Punjab    Ghalla Mandi Sillanwali    Sargodha    SGD003
SGD004    National Bank of Pakistan    Kot Moman    Sargodha    SGD004
SGD005    Allied Bank Ltd    Zafar Ullah Chowk Branch    Sargodha    SGD005
SGD006    National Bank of Pakistan    Main Bazar. Bhera    Sargodha    SGD006
SGD007    Meezan Bank Ltd    P-91, Civil Lines, University Road    Sargodha    SGD007
SGD008    Bank Al-Habib Ltd    Plot#195 Block A General Bus Stand Road Satellite Town    Sargodha    SGD008
SGD009    Askari Bank Ltd    80-Club Road    Sargodha    SGD009
SGD010    Habib Bank Ltd    Katchery Bazar Branch    Sargodha    SGD010
TTS001    Bank of Punjab    The Bank Of Punjab    T.T.Singh    TTS001
TTS002    National Bank of Pakistan    District Courts Branch    T.T.Singh    TTS002
TTS003    Habib Bank Ltd    Main Branch Farooq Road    T.T.Singh    TTS003
TTS004    Bank Al-Habib Ltd    Plot#102 Chak# 326-Gb Allama Iqbal Road Talab Bazar    T.T.Singh    TTS004
TTS005    Meezan Bank Ltd    P-103, Farooq Road    T.T.Singh    TTS005
TTS006    National Bank of Pakistan    Katchery Bazar Branch (Main) Kamalia    T.T.Singh    TTS006
TTS007    Khushhali MFB    Siddiqui Commercial Centre,Tehsil Road,Gojra    T.T.Singh    TTS007
TTS008    National Bank of Pakistan    Govt Boys College Road, Main Branch Gojra    T.T.Singh    TTS008
TTS009    Allied Bank Ltd    Tehsil Road,Gojra    T.T.Singh    TTS009
TTS010    MCB Bank Ltd    Rajana Road, Pir Mahal, Tehsil Kamalia    T.T.Singh    TTS010

For More Detail of Branch Code and ID, Please Visit



021-111-00-88-77 during office timing.

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