Fear of Public opinion

We always live in the fear of people. We live in a judgemental society where we always fear about the public opinion that log kia kahain gai. Sadly everyone is being judged by society, everyone has fear of public person.
Fear of Public opinion

Thousands of time we have to listen a sentence in our life from different people that ‘ log kia kahain gai’. Whenever we want to do something of our own choice people grant us with this sentence. I wonder that why our dreams depend on other’s thinking why every time we have to think that what people will say and if they will say anything than the question is that why we should bother? This sentence kills so many dreams of so many people every day and especially in Pakistan because only Pakistani’s have this habit of interfering in other’s life.

Fear of Public opinion,Log Kia Kahen Gen

Our lives are lived in fear of public opinion whether the matter is big or small we have to think about the society before taking any decision and we are so use to it that whether society will bother or not but it’s our moral duty to think that ‘log kya kahen gai’ and the worst thing about it is that even parents kill so many dreams of their children just in the fear of society and in mostly cases women become the victim of this sentence especially in Pakistan.

Different Examples

Different Examples

There are so many examples which depicts the true definition of this sentence like:

1-    In many places parents don’t educate their daughters much because ‘log kia kahain gai’

2-    In Pakistan girls are not allowed to hang out late night because ‘log kia kahain gai’

3-    In Pakistan girls are not allowed to do love marriage because ‘log kia kahain gai’

4-    Mostly girls are not allowed to go outside and do hustle to fulfil her dreams because ‘log kia kahain gai’

5-    In many places girls are bound to do ‘Hijab’ and are not allowed to wear jeans because ‘log kia kahain gai’

6-    In so many places parents don’t allow their children to study a specific degree e.g music or fashion just because ‘log kia kahain gai’

7-    It’s a moral duty of a women to go into the kitchen and do practice of making gol rotian because after marriage ‘log kia kahain gai’

8-    Mostly girls are not allowed to do jobs after marriage because ‘log kia kahain gai’

9-    Number of times especially in marriages parents spend more than their income just for a lavish wedding because ‘log kia kahain gai’

10-    Mostly families hesitate to do marriages out of their caste just because ‘log kia kahain gai’

Wrap Up Problem

Wrap Up Problem

This is not the end at every step people think about this society but why we give a damn to this society? Why we have to think about this society before taking any decision. All the examples which are mentioned above my question is:

1-    What society will get harm with the education of a girl? In spite of the fact that how girls are coming forward in every field of life.

2-    Is it okay to allow your son to hang out late night but put restrictions on your daughter? but the fact is due to boys many parents hesitate to allow their daughters to not go outside late night so instead of stopping your daughter to go outside late night teach your son to behave well it would be much better.

3-    Why parents don’t think of society when their son desire for love marriage? Why every time girls have to think about the society.

4-    Is it that girls are born to burn themselves in the kitchen whole day? Why they are not allowed to fulfil their dreams.

5-    Why according to us the perfect and pious woman is the one who wear hijab? Why our society give the title of character less to those who don’t wear it.

For how long our dreams, decisions of life and our happiness will depend on the thinking of society. Do society really bother and if it bothers then why we should bother so it’s better to live your life according to your own choice and stop thinking that ‘log kia kahain gai’ because if we will think that what people will think that what people will think?

Do what you feel is right

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