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But He Loves me
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‘But He loves me’

These Lines are often heard by many girls. I often wonder that how a girl can trust a guy, how she can fell in love with him without not even properly knowing him, How his physical appearance can attract her a lot. These questions often hit on my mind that why we girls are so silly, actually we are living in that era where people take love just as a time pass, where people can even fake their feelings, where mostly guys consider girls just a source of their happiness or enjoyment, sad but true.

Trust no one

Reason To Disrespect

One day I was sitting on a ground. Meanwhile 2 boys came and sat beside me. A guy was showing something to his friend on a mobile and both were laughing so hard. Unintentionally I started listening their conversation actually one of them was showing his girlfriend’s picture to his friend and the other friend was enjoying by calling her ‘What a tight Piece’. Than we blame boys for all this. Wait how can we blame them when you are giving them a reason to disrespect you.

called it Love

I have seen so many girls who agree to settle for less just for a guy, who even go against their parents and family for this stupid relation. I wonder if she don’t know her worth than how a guy will know her worth. A real woman don’t settle for less in any case because she better know her worth. Isn’t it strange that when our parents scold us for some reason we take it offensive but when our boyfriend scolds us even without any reason we think that he is caring, It’s kinda Funny.

True Value

O Silly girl, don’t settle for anybody just so you can have somebody, If you don’t respect yourself than why would he? Indeed it’s a man’s job to respect a woman but keep one thing in your mind that it is your duty to give him something to respect. I’m not saying that a man is not trustworthy but a real man will know your worth and will not demand for something immoral. You are beautiful, Intelligent, Creative, loving, brave and worthy of your own admiration and affection.Just wait for the right man. You deserve love and you'll get it one day.

Don't Lower your Standards

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