Eid Mubarak SMS & Quotes for Eid ul Fitr 2018

People love to send Eid Mubarak SMS or Eid SMS on Eid Festival so let's recall all those Eid Mubarak quotes or Eid Mubarak Messages which we use to send to our loved ones.
Eid Mubarak SMS & Quotes for Eid ul Fitr 2018

Eid ul Fitr is the most waited religious event for the Muslims all over the world because it comes after the 30 days of fasting even most people start preparing for the Eid festival before Ramzan ul Mubarak because for many people it's quite hard to do shopping during Ramzan. This Eid has its own charm and beauty and especially kids eagerly wait for the Eidi which they receive from their elders. Even I too love this Eid festival as that day everyone wears new clothes and fully dress up and all the families get a chance to meet each other because usually, they don't get enough time to visit each others house so Eid brings everyone close and that's a very good thing about Eid.

Eid Mubarak SMS

As soon as people heard about the Eid moon has sighted they start sending Eid Mubarak SMS to each other and such messages have its own charm. Sending Eid Mubarak SMS to your friends or families or loved ones is a very good gesture as it shows that you remember them on this special religious occasion. I too receive a number of messages from different people and it really puts a smile on my face and on every Eid I wait for such messages, not even me I guess everyone waits for these Eid Mubarak messages. Few of the Eid Mubarak SMS I am gonna share with you just to recall all those memories and as Eid is coming soon so why not to send these mentioned below messages to your loved ones this Eid too to bring a smile on their face.eid mubarak sms

This is a very sweet way to wish someone on Eid and trust me these little messages from someone very special are enough to make someone's Eid perfect.eid mubarak quotes

This is a perfect wish which you can give to your loved ones because praying someone's happiness is really a sweet gesture and it definitely brings a smile to that person's face and what can be more beautiful than putting a smile to someone's face.eid quotes

Usually, on Eid, we get a chance to meet our almost every relative and celebrate it with them but the sad thing is that we don't get a chance to meet our dear friends as this festival is usually celebrated with relatives so this sweet message on Eid is really a sweet gesture which ensures that you really love your friend, so send this message to them and put a smile on their face.eid mubarak messages

Hawa Ko Khusbo Mubarak,

Fiza Ko Mausam Mubarak,

Dilon Ko Pyar Mubarak,

Apko Hamari Taraf Se Eid Mubarak,

Such a wonderful and sweet Eid Mubarak SMS to send to your loved ones.eid sms

Eid is just around a corner a few days are left so why not to send advance Eid Mubarak SMS to your friends or relatives but it ensures that they are always on your mind so send such Advance Eid Mubarak messages and make them feel their importance in your life.eid messages

Now, many people only send simple Eid Mubarak SMS to their friends or family members even I am one of them who instead of sending large messages only send simple Eid Mubarak. The length of your message doesn't define the importance of that person just a simple message is enough to tell that how much that person means to you so do send an Eid Mubarak SMS to your friend whether it's a simple Eid Mubarak SMS.

Eid Mubarak Quotes/ Eid quotes

There are a number of Eid Mubarak Quotes which people exchange not only on the first day of Eid, in fact, all the three days of Eid and I guess that's the real beauty of Eid to read the quotes of SMS of your dear friends and loved ones. Here is the list of few Eid Mubarak quotes who you may send to each other on this coming Eid.eid mubarak sms

To pray for someone or to give a dua to someone is one of the sweetest gesture one can ever show and Eid is I guess the best time to show you gesture or care towards someone so sending such Eid Mubarak quotes on Eid day is enough to make someone's day perfect and happy.eid mubarak quotes

Yes, it's a time for wishing lots of happiness that will be filled with all the finest things with your memory because Eid is a symbol of happiness when people meet each other and greet each other after so long so wishing for someone all the happiness of life is a really sweet gesture.eid messages

A pure Eid Mubarak wishes for your dear and loved ones for praying their happiness, prosperity, and contentment is a sweet gesture from someone for your friends and family members.eid mubarak messages

Now, peace is something which is very necessary for life and wishing a peaceful life for someone is very sweet and lovely so this Eid ul Fitr wish a peaceful life for all your friends and family members and pray that everyone has a peaceful and lovely Eid this year.eid quotes

Sending Eid Mubarak SMS or quotes to someone who is dear or special to you is not only a simple message or wish, in fact, it is a pray or a reminder that the person whom you are sending this wish is on your mind on this special day of Eid. It comes with warm and loving thoughts because it's meant for that person.

Eid Messages/ Eid SMS

As the Eid day come people start sending Eid Mubarak messages to each other and elders start saying Eid Mubarak on calls so everywhere people wish Eid Mubarak because this is a festival which people celebrate with each other and those relatives which do not meet much come close on that day so here are few Eid Messages which you can send this Eid to your special ones and make them smile.eid mubarak quotes

The messages of Eid Mubarak starts from the night when the Moon sighted which we call Chand Raat and people celebrate it with full zeal, other then all those Eid shopping and Mehndi people send Chand Raat Mubarak SMS to their friends and family and enjoy this night in such way.eid mubarak quotes

Wishing a sweet Eid ul Fitr because it's all about sweets. People love to eat sweets on that day and not only sweets they make some sweet dishes especially for Eid ul Fitr because Eid is a festival of happiness and when we talk about happiness we always celebrate it with sweets to make it sweeter.eid messages

Yes, I will never ever forget to wish you, Happy Eid Mubarak, because you are one of the most important people in my life. Send this message to someone who really means to you and nothing can be more good and beautiful than being an important person in someone's life, so send this message and bring a smile to their face. eid mubarak sms

Many people send such funny Eid Mubarak messages to each other to make them laugh and this is the beauty of Eid festival that how people remain connected with each other, for me sending Eid wishes on Eid day is the best part of Eid.

So, these were the few collections of Eid Messages or Eid quotes if you like any of the Eid message/quote then do tell me in a comment section. I will be waiting for your response.

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