Education system in Pakistan - Problem and improvements

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the education system in Pakistan Needs Improvement
Education system in Pakistan - Problem and improvements

education system in pakistan - quote

Education is basically a process of receiving or giving systematic instructions, especially at a school or university. The education system in Pakistan consists of 260,903 institutions and is facilitating 41,018,384 students with the help of 1,535,461 teachers. There are 180,846 public institutions and 80,057 private institutions. Hence 31% institutions are run by the private sector and 69% by the public sector. No doubt there are many best universities and schools in Pakistan but still, we need to improve our education system.

Education System in Pakistan

It is important in the Constitution of Pakistan to provide free and compulsory education to all children under the ages of 5-16 years and facilitates adult literacy. With the 18th constitutional amendment the concurrent list which comprised of 47 subjects was ended and these subjects, including education, were transferred to federating units as a move towards provincial autonomy. There are a number of ways which demonstrates that why our education system needs more improvement in the education system in Pakistan. In the year 2015 is important in the context that it points the deadline for the participants of Dakar declaration (Education For All [EFA] commitment) including Pakistan.

Burden on Students

In many Institutions, Students get so much exhausted due to an overload of studies. The problem is that our system cares about the marks of students rather than the knowledge of the student. They don’t care that how much knowledge a student has gained. They only care that how much marks a student has got. Just for good marks, they put so much burden on a student which many students can’t bear and get bored with studies.

education system in pakistan - Burden on Students

Lack of Practical Work

In many Institutions, Students follow the concept of ‘Ratta system’. Almost more than half of the students don’t get what teacher actually wants to teach because there is no practical work not only in schools even not in universities so at the end students are totally blank. This ‘Ratta system’ has completely destroyed our education system where students don’t even know that what actually they are learning because institutions are teaching them to learn just for the sake of marks, not for the sake of knowledge.

Lack of Confidence

One of the biggest issues which have to be resolved is Confidence of a student. Confidence is actually believing in yourself when no one else does. Our mostly students lack confidence and those who have confidence are actually over-confident which is actually not good not only for them but for others too.

education system in pakistan - Lack of Confidence

There is a difference between confidence and proudness. As someone says that ‘I can do’ is my confidence but ‘Only I can do’ is my proudness. Students should know this difference.

Lack of Co-curricular Activities

This is also a major issue in our system. Co-curricular activities are those which are undertaken side by side with the curricular activities but are often ignored by many institutions in spite of the fact that how they play an important role in the life of a student.

Cost Of Tuition And Fees

Nowadays institutions are so much costly that a number of parents can’t afford to teach their children in a better institution. The cost of Tuition and fees in public and private sectors have risen over the last couple decades so in the end number of capable students can’t get enough education just because of the cost and there are many students who have to struggle hard during their study period just to afford the institutions.

education system in pakistan - Cost Of Tuition And Fees

This is not the end there are the other numbers of issues which need to be resolved but with every problem, there is a solution too. There is a number of ways by which we can improve the education system in Pakistan

Solutions To This Problem

1.    There should be some practical work in the institutions so that students get to know that actually what they are learning. There is a Chinese proverb which states ‘ Teach me and I will Forget, Show me and I might remember, Involve me and I will never forget’.

2.    Institutions should develop confidence in a student because to succeed in Life you need two things: Ignorance and Confidence. Confidence helps a student to reach towards his/her goals with or without someone.

3.    Co-curricular activities should be a part of Student’s Life. There is the number of benefits of co-curricular activities. It helps students to enhance their personality. It developed Specialized skills in a student and develop self-confidence in a student there should be less burden on students because marks are not the only reason to educate a child.

4.    .Cost of institutions should be reasonable so that every student get the education without any problem of cost.

5.    ‘Ratta system’ should be eliminated from all institutions. The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know that how to learn.

education system in pakistan - Solutions Of This Problem

Last but not the least A person should get the education. As Nelson Mandela said ‘ Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face. So it's imperative to give kids instruction and clarify that they should assume a part of their nation'. Be a Part to enhance the training framework in Pakistan.

Be a Part to improve the education system in Pakistan.

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    Fajar Ellahi
  • 2 years ago 5Rating Stars
  • Completely agree with the issues u discuss n yah knowledge is more important than marks bcz knowlege last long btw nice effort Keep it up

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  • 2 years ago 5Rating Stars
  • Institutes must focus and apply the abouve mentioned solutions; I think that they will really help in improving our eduction system.

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  • 2 years ago 5Rating Stars
  • Appreciating the way you tried to resolve the issues and this is much helpful regarding my topic.

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