Education and Money

Education and Money both are important for living . We can not deny the fact that they both together can make a person to a notable personality.
Education and Money

“Education is better then money as you protects the money but education protects you. Money diminishes on its use rather education spreads.”

When i was very young i used to think that Money is all what anyone could want and i didn't mind it when people make plans to get money by hook or crook . Even at that time I was studying just to get an attractive job with handsome sallary. This is so because without a good foundation with education, there would be no way to make good money.

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Ofcourse one can have a wonderful lifestyle if he own enough money . In this world if you have money automatically you have respect you have power you have everything that anyone could wish for. But what u can't buy from your money is affection, love, peace, Time and more importantly peace of mind. It is sad that now a days mostly you are   judged by people on the basis of your class and standard.but Now all i want is to learn , want to gain my knowledge with every second.Do not run after grades and degrees , Go for seeking some knowledge. I admit the fact that today we need money even to gain knowledge or learn any skill. Always be a right Goal setter ,To earn Money should not be an only goal of life but main goal should be Education.

Fact about Education

Jimmy Wales

He was born in a family that had great love for education. At the age of 3 his mother bought him an encyclopedia. Just in a little while he memorised it.As a child he was taught in a one-room school that encouraged self education. As he grew up, he decided to become a teacher .And later he taught in several universities. He was against the regular education system. He believed that People could learn more through Self Education.So he decided to create a website where anyone could learn anything without any school. He called this site Wikipedia. But this was only the beggining of his struggle.As he had to organise and write about thousands of topics. For years He stayed up at nights, learning and writing about new things.
Later , as the site grew many people joined the idea and started contributing. And just after a few years, Wikipedia became the world's largest online encyclopedia. But then, Jimmy wales was faced with an important choice of doing a business or make the site free website. He realized that his love for education was far more than his love for money. So he decided to make website free forever and made it a non-profit organization. Today Wikipedia is the world's largest information site.Jimmy Wales is one of the most influential people in the world. Money is not the goal, Real value comes from education.

Jimmy Wales Wikipedia

Life and Respect

Education Gives Quality of Life.Money gives quality of Respect.Education gives us knowledge ,it helps us to study and learn from the past events.It gives us reasons to understand the world better, even technology can't be used without it.Knowledge boosts ur exposure to the world.The one who really gets the education is never appealed by money but the one who's fond of money even after education is the one who never understood anything.

A famous Saying that Attitude is more important as it would help one to handle the rest of his plans. Than Education, than Money , than circumstances, than what people do or say, it is more important than appearance, giftedness or skills.


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  • Well i must say who ever wrote this blog has a massive knowledge about the importance of Education & i am really happy to see that,people like you are really a Blessing for our society keep it up✌

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