30+ New and Trending Dress Designs 2018-19

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It's a truth that wearing a trendy or a new dress can make your mood fresh than why not to try these new Dress design to make your 2018 better. Here is a list of new trendy dress designs of 2018 which you people will definitely love to wear.
30+ New and Trending Dress Designs 2018-19

It's a saying that Dressing well is a form of good manners so buy less but choose well because your appearance matters a lot and trust me if you have dressed well then it can increase your self-confidence. A trend of dresses change every year, every year brings new trends for people to practice something new. 2018 has also brought new dress designs for kids, men and women which can make your year wonderful.

Kids Trendy Dress Design

Even kids love to dress well whether it's a casual party or any wedding function or especially in Eid they love to dress themselves fully. So in 2018 many brands in Pakistan come up with the new dress designs for kids. Brands like Maria.B, Khaddi, Nishat Linen, Kayseri and many more really make sure to make the best of best dresses for our little kids.

1- Maria-B

I guess there is not a single person out there who is not known by this designer name. Maria-B always comes up with the latest designs for not only women but also for kids. It has different stores almost in every city of Pakistan and they are just expanding their business more and more towards success. They have introduced the new collection of 2018 for little kids which you people will surely like for your kids.new dressdress designdress designsdress design

2- Nishat Linen

When it comes to buying designer dresses for your big event even I personally prefer to visit Nishat Linen first because they have such a huge collection of dresses which people surely love to wear and their new collection of 2018 for women as well as for kids will surely provoke you to go to Nishat Linen and doll up your princess with the best of best dresses of Nishat Linen.dress designnew dressnew dress

3- Khaadi

I personally believe that Khaadi has a huge name when it comes to buying designer dresses to make your event perfect and I guess giving Khaadi dresses to your loved ones can make a good impression too, after all, there must be no one who doesn't like khaadi dresses. So if you are looking forward to new dresses then don't forget to have a look at this beautiful new 2018 collection of Khaadi for your little kids.dress designdress designsdress designsdress design

4- Kayseria

Like all other brands, Kayseria is also successful in making their name to capture the attention of people with their beautiful outfits of not only women in fact of kids also so one should visit this brand whenever you people make your mind for shopping. They have just introduced their new collection of 2018 for kids too which is worth seeing.new dressdress designsnew dress

5- Edenrobe

Well, when it comes to fashion than even boys are no less than girls. They too want to look best in their family events or family weddings. There are many designers in Pakistan for boys too including Edenrobe which help them to look best. Edenrobe always makes sure to come with the best to satisfy their customers fully. You people must look their new collection of 2018 for your kids.dress designsdress designsnew dress

6- Al-Karam

Looking forward to new dresses for your kids? than visit Alkaram where there is a huge collection of both male and female dresses and their colours will definitely attract you to buy dresses for your kids for party wear or for any family wedding or any other function. Just look at their new collection of 2018 and make your mind to visit Al-karam.new dressdress designdress designnew dress

Women Trendy Dress Designs

When a woman says that she doesn't like shopping than never ever trust her because the truth is we love shopping. Of course, there is no one who doesn't love to look good and perfect for Family events or weddings and with the perfect dressing you can look perfect. There are many dresses which help women to look perfect including Khaadi, Al-karam etc.

1- Khaadi

As summer season has just started and many women prefer to do shopping at the start of summer so Khaadi new collection of 2018 will definitely make your summer perfect with their beautiful dresses of lawn, Chiffon with stitched and unstitched dresses.dress designnew dressnew dressdress design

2- Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is a very well-known designer of Pakistan who designs only women outfits and is very popular among women. They have just recently launched a new collection of 2018 where there is an Embroidered collection, Luxury lawn 2018, Mysorie Chiffon, Crepe Silk, Formals, Bridal wear, Western wear and Leather jackets.dress designnew dressdress design

3- Alkaram

Not only Alkaram Kids new collection is beautiful in fact, their new women collection is worth seeing and trust me at a very cheap price. They have just recently introduced new Spring Summer lawn collection which includes unstitched 2 piece suit and an embroidered lawn which can make your summer perfect within a budget. Here is a link from which you can check all the latest collection with prices.dress designsnew dress

4- Kayseria

Want to wear something trendy and out of the class? then why not to visit kayseria where they have a huge collection of outstanding outfits for women including printed shirts, Dyed and an embroidered shirts, an embroidered trousers and many more at a cheap price. I guess one should never be late when it comes to trendy outfits with a very low price.new dressdress designnew dress

5- Maria-B

When we are talking about women trendy and new designs than how we can forget Maria-B who always try their best to make their customers happy with their outstanding outfits both casual and fancy. This time again Maria-B has tried their best to bring something new and unique to its customers including Ready to wear, Unstiched fabric and bridal dresses.new dressdress designdress designnew dress

Men Trendy new Dress Design

When it comes to fashion than men and women both are equal in it. They too make sure to look best before leaving for any party or a wedding function and our designers have helped a lot to make them look best of best including Junaid Jashed, Edenrobe and many more.

1- J. (Junaid Jamshed)

Junaid Jamshed kurtas can give a perfect look to a man and it's best which has a vast collection of stitched/unstitched kurtas, Silk or Organza, Trendy or Digital embroidered kurtas, Semi-formal stitched, Cotton net and many more. When you can get a huge collection at a single place than why not to shop from J.dress designdress designnew dress

2- Edenrobe

A perfect brand for women, kids and men collection. Yes, visit edenrobe and do shopping for your all family members where you can find kurtas and 3 piece suit at an affordable price.new dressdress designdress designnew dress

3- Republic

If you are looking for kurtas to wear on eid or any wedding function than do visit republic because they have launched an outstanding collection of men kurtas which are absolutely worth seeing and it is within your range. They have a huge collection of kurtas including simple kurta for eid or embroidered kurta for a wedding function etc.new dressdress designnew dress

I guess these dresses are enough to make your 2018 best. I hope that I did my best to update you guys about the latest trend but I need to know from you guys so do tell me by giving your valuable feedback.

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