Divorce Ratio in Pakistan

The most hated thing before Allah
Divorce Ratio in Pakistan

Divorce Ratio in Pakistan

Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. It is one of the most beautiful relation in the world where both genders stay connected till their last breadth. They stand with each other through thick and thin. They take care of each other and face all the difficulties of life together but sadly the ratio of divorce in Pakistan has rise from couple of years. Divorce is basically a legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. Now people are unable to handle their marital life and ask for divorce without any fear inspite of the fact that it is the most hated thing to Allah Almighty.

Reasons of Divorce

Reasons of Divorce

There are number of reasons due to which people break this Holly relation and ask for divorce:

Lack of Understanding:

Understanding is very important in any relation. The ratio of lack of understanding mostly occurs in arrange marriages where in many families both genders are not allowed to even have a contact for once. Without knowing each other how 2 people can live their entire life happily.

Lack of Patience:

Today’s generation lack patience and in this relation one has to be patient. One has to admit his/her mistake even when he/she is not on guilty. If both genders will loose patience at the same time it will definitely result in divorce.

Financial Problem:

Money has a great power to attract anyone. It can break any relation very easily. Mostly if a male gender gets into crisis than woman rather to keep patience prefer to take a divorce.

High Expectations:

Expectations often leads to disappointments. Unrealistic expectation can destroy any relation so it’s totally a stupidity to keep expectations even from your spouse.

High Expectations

Not being prepared for the marriage:

It is the main reason for the divorce. Still in many places many families don’t want to keep their daughters at home for so long so they marry her without knowing that either she is ready for this or not. It also happen with boys too. Acceptance is very important in marriage if both the genders are not ready than how can they run this relation.

Social Media:

Social media has played an important role in stripping two genders. People do stupid friendships on social media and even fall in relationships even after marriage which results in separation. Everytime busy on social media also cause damage in a relationship.

Social Media


Your children have to face all it’s consequences. When you will keep on abusing each other, When you will quarrel with each other all the time, When you will keep on arguing with each other than it will put a bad impact on your children. Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate. Children need the love of both genders. Children will become the victim of your divorce. Children with single parent cannot live a complete life.


In Islam Concept

In Islam a husband can take a divorce from his wife and a wife can take a ‘Khula’ from her husband only in case when both genders have solid reason for this action. Without any reason it is no less than a sin. The most hated thing before Allah is divorce. As Holly prophet narrated:

‘ If any woman ask her husband for divorce without a strong reason, the fragrance of paradise will be forbidden to her’

In Islam

Wrap Up

The ratio of divorce in Pakistan has rise so much that every 2nd person is taking divorce . Apart from all those reasons of divorce still there are number of ways by which we can save our relations if we want to:

  1. By developing patience in ourselves
  2. By giving another chance to opposite gender
  3. Stop giving time to social media so much rather than start giving time to eachother
  4. Try to forgive little faults of your spouse
  5. Try get married unless or until you are ready
  6. Avoid abusive language
  7. Try to give respect to each other
  8. Stand by each other through thick and thin
  9. Stop developing high expectations

If everyone will follow these rules than he/she can save their marriage to some extent. An act which is not liked by Allah Almighty than how it can be good for us.

every 2nd person is taking divorce

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