One-legged Afridi dreams to be Sohaib Akhtar as a Pakistan international fast bowler

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Physical disability does not mean inability, it is very hard to imagine big dream how tough it is to have to work your way through life with a single leg, but 23-year-old Syed Sher Ali Afridi great inspiration due to his fast bowling, inspired by Shoaib Akhtar went on to become a fast bowler.
One-legged Afridi dreams to be Sohaib Akhtar as a Pakistan international fast bowler

Syed Sher Ali Afridi, an inhabitant of Peshawar is characterizing all chances by being a quick bowler in the Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team.

Afridi has demonstrated that incapacities can't set you back on the off chance that you are resolved and have an enthusiasm for something.


Syed Sher Ali Afridi

The 23-year-old youth from Peshawar lost his leg in a disastrous mischance when he was just two years of age. Be that as it may, this catastrophe didn't prevent him from seeking after his adoration for cricket.

Since the mischance, Afridi utilizes a prosthetic leg, however, has prepped himself such that it never feels like he has just a single leg.


Disable Pakistan Team

Sher Afridi

Great Courage

The 23-year-old never figured he could ever have the capacity to play proficient cricket, yet in the previous six years, everything for him changed when he found out about a worldwide counterpart for debilitated cricketers being held.

My Motivation

Named an express bowler, Afridi is a major devotee of previous Pakistani universal, and one of the speediest bowlers the diversion has ever observed, Shoaib Akhtar.

"He is my motivation. He is my saint. I wanted to watch him keep running in and bowl at such a staggering pace," Afridi said.

"I was constantly enthusiastic about cricket. I cherish playing the diversion since my adolescence yet the contemplations to play proficient cricket and speak to the nation at the global level never entered my thoughts.

"In 2012, I heard out of the blue that Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association is arranging trials for impaired cricketers. I took an interest in the trials.

"The mentors and the administration were awed with my knocking down some pins. I was chosen for the Peshawar group."

Career in Cricket

In the wake of playing for the Peshawar group for very nearly three years, Afridi awed the selectors with a few matches winning exhibitions.

In 2015, he was picked for the national side and played his first worldwide match against England in Dubai. His dad, Momin Khan, stated: "I'm exceptionally upbeat for my child. He has done right by us. I wish him more achievement and expectation that one day he will make the whole Pakistan glad."

Afridi, who began playing cricket as a batsman dreams to be the best bowler in para cricket.

"I'm exceptionally grateful to the Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association for allowing me to play for Pakistan and give all the cricketing offices.

"I'm confident that one day I will end up being the best bowler on the planet and will influence my kindred Pakistanis to feel pleased," he included.

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