Digital Heroin & Screen-Agers

Smartphones, iPads, game consoles and plenty of other digital devices have changed modern childhood. And some kids are showing worrying signs.Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction.
Digital Heroin & Screen-Agers

Screen addiction is as damaging as addiction of a drug to the developing brain of a child as well as an adult. That is why we called it "digital Heroin" . Poeple especially kids get so addicted to the screens that they are using it for the tasks that can even be done without the help of these screen gadegts. it seems that we are now slaves of these glowing objects and to be very honest ,we are slaved by choice.

Digital Heroin & Screen-Agers

Before moving forward. i would like to clear the concept of addiction.

Addiction can be defined as the fact or condition of craving or the more better word for it is enslavement to particular substance,thing,or acti-vity.

Screenagers not Teenagers

A recent study shows the devastating figures that Teens spend on average" 9.3 hours "on their digital devices each day. it's more than the time they spend on sleeping or in school. This is   resulting in new physical and mental health issues including screen addiction. Teen screen addiction is even interrupting sleep patterns. it is suggested that digital devices can disturb sleep worse than caffeine. While technology helps teens communicate, their screen time causes smartphone addictions, weight gain, sleep deprivation, eye damage, and other issues that can trouble teens throughout their lives. This is the reason why term screenagers is evolved.

Screenagers not Teenagers

As screen addiction is regarded as a disease now, by considering the principle of ailment, "for a disease to be originate there must be a root cause behind it". So we must check out the reasons that makes are childrens obsessed with the screens.

> The first and foremost reason is the negligence shows by parents. Nowadays, parents of our society get so busy in their routine that the only solution they find to keep their childs busy is to give them a phone or tablet so they may not interrupt them while they are working. Instead of encouraging them to do something physically they make them a screensick

Negligence Shows by Parents

> Lack of playgrounds also an important cause behind this addiction.

> Although advancement of technology has turned the world into a global village but on the other hand it has also made the world more dependant on machines rather than on their   own. Now poeple can contact their loveone's anytime anywhere in the world with less expanse for hours. this also result in development of screen addiction.

advancement of technology

> Many jobians now have to spend thier much time on Laptops or PC's as it is the basic requirement of thier job.


It's shocking more than amazing

"its amazing there’s many studies that look at MRI scans of the brain of kids who play a lot of video games, 20 hours or more of video games a week. And when they compare them to people who are addicted to, say, drugs or alcohol, their brains scans are similar. So, something is really happening on a physiological level. It’s not just psychological."

Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction

Following narration of a mother shows that to how much extent our Kids are getting addicted to the screens.

My sweet boy, who had a “big spirit” and loved animals, now only wanted to play inside on a device.“He would refuse to do anything unless

   I would let him play his game,” she added "Her son became increasingly explosive if she didn’t acquiesce. And then he got physical. It star-

ted with a push here, then a punch there. When she tried to take his computer away, he attacked her “with a dazed look on his face — his

eyes were not his”. .

dazed look on his face

Shocked.????   Drugs aren’t pharmaceutical only, they are digital too!

Social Media effects

Sitting in front of screen for too-long may causes:

Less energy expenditure, Slower metabolism, Back and spine injuries, Compromised posture, Reduce social skills, Enhance depression, Diabetes, Obesity, Makes you more prone to heart diseases, gives strain to your eyes.

Less energy expenditure

Now come to the possible solutions towards this epidemic.

* Parents must indulge their childrens in physical activities. they should spens their time with thier kids no matter how difficult thier routine is, in this way the exposure of kids with the screen decreases to a great extent.

Parents must indulge their childrens in physical activities

* Jobian who have to spend their time in front of screens while sitting too long, should try to walk for 10-15 minutes daily in the morning. it will prevent them from getting obese and also keep them active.

* Try to avoid the screens as much as you can

* Don't forget to wear computer Glasses to keep your eyes out of stress.Computer glasses differ from regular glasses in that they are specifically made to help reduce the eye strain associated with computer work. The average person works approximately eight hours a day in front of a computer. These long hours make us more prone to vision-related problems.

Computer glasses

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