Depression is a common illness which has a negative effect on the whole body. There can be different causes of depression but as every problem has a solution so we can beat depression by acting upon the solution of depression.


Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Depression occurs when you overthink on any problem or situation. When you overthink you goes in a depressing state. Now-a-days it’s very common worldwide every single person is dealing with this illness and according to a research it mostly occur in women as compare to men. Depression can be due to many reasons depending on the situation now-a-days even teenagers are becoming the victim of this disease.

Causes of Depression

Depression is an extremely complex disease it can occur for a variety of reasons. Some people goes in this state for so long and some come out after few time. It all depends on the nature of a problem:

Causes of Depression

Family Disputes:

Family disputes are the main reason for the depression. Mostly people get depressed when they have issues with their relationships and especially issues with their marital life. When two people choose to form a marital union than it can bring them infinite blessings as well as disappointment and depression depending on how they deal with their relationship.

Family environment:

Environment matters a lot if you are living in a happy environment than obviously you will always feel relaxed but if your family environment is full of stress and negativity than automatically you will be in a depression because healthy environment is very important for a happy and healthy life and not only a family environment where ever you go your mood depends on the environment.

Genes Inherit from Your Family :

Some people say that depression comes because it is in your genes it genetically inherit from your family members. If your parents or family members have a depression than might possible you will also become the victim of this disease but it’s not always true because not everyone who has a family member with depression will develop it too.

Life Events:

Sometimes sudden death of your loved ones can cause depression. It can be due to the death of a person or even your pet animal. You can also get depressed when a person who is dear to you suddenly leaves you without any reason. Due to these life events you can go into a depression state.

Living in a Poverty:

Living in a poverty for so long can become the reason of depression or anxiety. No doubt wealthy people also become depressed but when you don’t have enough money to fulfil your desires, when you have to tant for your every need then automatically you will be in a depressing state because still money can be the solution of many problems.

Other Personal Problems:

Your personal problems can be a cause of your depression. Personal problems may include late marriage, drugs addiction, health issues or any other problem. When you have to listen the taunting words of your relatives due to late marriage then it will definitely affect you and health issues mostly make you an annoying person.

Abuse Is Mentally Harassment :

Physically or mentally harassment can also leave you in a depressing state. Past physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to clinical depression later in life.

Abuse Is Mentally Harassment

Solution of Depression

With every problem there is a solution too. In spite of all the causes of depression still we can get rid from it by:

Love and Support:

A loving and supportive relation can help you to come out of a depressing state. This relation can be a loyal friend or it can be a loving partner. Love is indeed a best cure for all the diseases with love and affection you can come out from any state but that should be pure. The pure love and support of any relation is no less than a blessing.

Faith and Courage:

One should have a courage to accept the difficulties and challenges of life because everyone have to face these difficulties but with courage you can better deal with them and with a faith that these problems are temporary you will come out from them soon. With faith and courage a person can face all the difficulties of life.


Mostly people who have a depression take help from Psychotherapy. Whenever you are depressed on any problem then take help from psychotherapist and talk therapy can be an extremely effective treatment. What you learn in therapy gives you skills to feel better and help prevent depression from coming back.

Social Support:

Take help from people don’t become antisocial whenever you are in depression because whenever you will be alone it will definitely increase your depression so it’s better to visit people and talk to them it will somehow make you feel better because loneliness is not the solution of this problem. Be social and try to enjoy every bit of your life.

Important Nutrition:

Eating well is very important for both of your physical and mental health. Try to eat healthy food throughout the day which will help you to keep your energy up and will minimize your mood swings.


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