Deforestation is a major issue of Pakistan. The deforestation is a cutting of trees, there are many causes of deforestation but the effects of deforestation are very negative for the environment.

Forests are the world's air by Prince Charles

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture organization an estimated 18 million acres of forest, which is roughly the size of the country of the panama are lost each year. Deforestation is due to number of reasons. It often resulting, in damage to the quality of the land. Forest cover 30% of the world’s land area but deforestation is clearing these essential habitats on a massive scale.

Causes of Deforestation

There are many causes of deforestation which includes:

1-    WWF reports that many times trees are illegally removed from the forest which are later used as fuel. Illegal logging occurs in all types of forests across all continents.

2-    Each year fire burns millions of forest worldwide. Fires are part of nature but degraded forest are particularly vulnerable.

3-    Over harvesting for domestic use or for commercial trade in charcoal significantly damages forests.

4-    Deforestation is done to make more land available for housing and urbanization.

5-    It is done to harvest timber to create commercial items such as paper, furniture and homes.

6-    It is done to create ingredients that are highly prized consumer items, such as the oil from palm trees.

7-    Conversion of forest for other land uses, including pulp, palm and soy plantations, pastures, settlements, roads and infrastructure.


Effects of Deforestation

Deforestation can have a negative impact on the environment. Forest are complex ecosystems that affect almost every species on the planet, when they are degraded it can set off a devastating chain of events both locally and around the world. There are number of effects of deforestation:

Loss of Species:

70% of the plants and animals of the world live in forest and they are losing their habitats because of this deforestation, according to national geographic. Loss of habitat can lead to species extinction and it also has a negative impact medicinal research who rely on the animals and plants in the forest for hunting and medicine.

Water Cycle:

Trees are important to water cycle. They absorb rain fall and produce water vapor that is released into the atmosphere. Trees also lessen the pollution in water by stopping pollutes run off.

Climate Change:

Forest loss is both a cause and an effect of our changing climate. Climate change can damage forests, for instance by drying out tropical rainforests and increasing fire damage in boreal forests. Inside forests, climate change is already harming biodiversity, a threat that is likely to increase.

Effects of Deforestation

Imran Khan Billion tree Project

Imran Khan head of Paksitan Tehreek-e-Insaf had launched the reforestation compaign, named 'Billion Tree Tsunami' in 2015. Khyber Pakhtunkhaw had planted an unpredictable 1 billion trees in just more than 2 years. Imran Khan hopes that his reforestation drive will decrease the effects of global warming and natural disasters like floods as he says that : 'If you plant trees , we have discovered, by the river banks it sustains the rivers but most importantly the glaciers that are melting in the mountains and one of the biggest reasons is because there has been a massive deforestation so this billion tree is very significant for our future'.

Cutting of Tress

Cutting of tress is totally illegal and unethical. Trees help maximum in controlling pollution in urban areas. Now it’s a time to raise voice against those who are cutting trees.Billion tree project plans should be also done in Punjab and Sindh too. There is a new trend on tweeter now-a-days #KiunKaataMujhe many people are tweeting about deforestation.

Cutting of tress is totally illegal and unethical

to bad they only produce

Don't kill me

highlight this important issue

save our electricity

If you cut a tree, you kill a life

If you cut a tree, you kill a life.

If you save a tree, you save a life.

If you plant a tree, you plant a life

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