Concept of beauty in Pakistan

The beauty of a girl is often measured by her skin color. The concept of beauty in Pakistan or pakistani beauty is just limited to physical appearance that how a person looks from outside. The inner beauty of a person can be seen by very few people but the truth is that inner beauty is a real beauty and very few people are blessed by this beauty.
Concept of beauty in Pakistan

Concept of Beauty in Pakistan

Physical Characteristics can include a variety of things, physical characteristics are what you see with your naked eye which includes your facial expression, your skin colour etc. People usually say that beauty isn’t concerning having a reasonably face, it’s concerning having a reasonable mind, a reasonable heart and a reasonable soul. But that’s not true, the fact is that people often fall for a pretty face and they often make fun of those who have a dull complexion. People start commenting the day we born and this is so common in Pakistan that when the child enters in this world he/she become the victim of words.

Physical Characteristics

In Life there are usually two aspects in a certain type of conflict: body image and social pressure, we always live under the pressure of society that what people will think about us or about our physical appearance. You will meet the number of people in your life that will have their own opinion. The number of times u have to listen to society and you can’t help it.

Complexion Issue

The day you born people start commenting on you and if you born with a dark complexion than you have to bear the words of people for long. Complexion plays an important role in our society especially in Pakistan even if you have prominent features with dark complexion than u will be included in the list of average looking people but if you have a fair complexion with average features than you will be included in the list of beautiful people just because your complexion is fair, because in Pakistan ‘Gora Chitta hona’ is much much important.

When it comes to your marriage process than get ready for rejections multiple time because you are not up to their level of ‘Chand si Bahu’ I don’t know what they have to do with her complexion I mean what if you have a ‘Chand si bahu’ with rude and impolite personality. Is it tolerable?


Weight Problem

The weight of a girl is very Important if she is chubby than she will listen to different remarks from people but if a guy is chubby than remarks will be totally opposite. If a guy is chubby than people will say ‘ MashaAllah bari sehat bnae hai’ or ‘Khatai peetai ghar sai lgta hai’ but on other hands, if a girl is chubby than people, will start calling her ‘Aunty’ or ‘ Lose your weight otherwise no one will marry you’. Isn’t it funny that in Pakistan the marriage of a girl depends on her weight?

Weight - I am not Fat

Height Problem

Now height is another issue in Pakistan and the comments on height have to be faced by both genders, if you are long heighted than people will say ‘ khamba lg rae hai’ and if you are short height than people will say ‘ Boni lg rae hai’. Height isn’t a purely aesthetic feature on which you comment but society thinks that it’s their moral duty to keep on commenting on people on their physical appearance. Boys with short height and girls with tall height suffer more.

Wrap Up Issue

Wrap Up

Sadly it doesn’t matter that how you look people are going to judge you and are going to comment on you. No doubt outer beauty often leads to inner beauty but still at the end inner beauty works because outer beauty captures the eyes but your inner beauty capture the heart. People often make themselves said after the comments that are their stupidity because there is a person who is going to love you from the heart, they will not bother your outer beauty and rest of others should not matter to you. What you can do is to engage yourself with people who will accept you rather than to engage yourself with people who will reject you. If someone comments on you than kill them with your kindness it will definitely work. The most important thing is self-love, u should be confident about your beauty if you think that you are pretty than no one will dare to comment on your beauty.

people are going to judge you and are going to comment on you

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