Common Dialogues in Pakistan

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There are so many common dialogues of Pakistani parents which we must have heard in our childhood.
Common Dialogues in Pakistan

Well if you are Pakistani than you surely have listened to some common dialogues from your parents especially when they are in the angry mood. We live in such a singular and powerful family system that 99% Pakistani oldsters assume alike act alike and react alike. Whenever they get angry we all know that what ‘golden words’ they are going to use because these words are said by them not for the first time and even not for the last time. Here are few common lines of almost all Pakistani parents.

Jab hum tumhari umar mein thai (When we were at your age)

No wonder it is a favorite dialogue of every Pakistani parent, whenever we do something wrong then we surely have to listen to this that when we were at your age we were so hard worker, or we always scored good marks, at your age we do our whole work without anyone’s help blah blah but the funny thing is when it comes to asking from our grandparents than we get to know that how they actually were.

When we were at your age

Dosron kai bachon ko daikho ( Look at XYZ child)

No doubt Pakistani parents just love comparisons. They are always busy in comparing their child with others and especially in marks, whenever you score fewer marks in exams than get ready for the taunting words of your parents and they put examples of such people which you haven’t heard the names before and when it comes to girls and if you don’t work in the kitchen than be ready for the comparison with girls which you haven’t seen before well there is a saying that ‘ ghar ki murghi daal barabar’ and it better fits in this.

Look at XYZ child

Tum jaldi kyun nai sotai ho (Why you don't sleep early)

There is not a single child in Pakistan who haven’t listen to this dialogue from their parents no matter what time you sleep you must have to listen to this but when it comes to studying late night than it doesn’t bother them, in fact, they are actually happy to see that our child is studying late night but if we are busy on social media till late night than brace yourself for different emotional dialogues.

Why you don't sleep early

Tum jaldi kyun nai uth'tai ho (Desi version of Good morning)

Why you don’t sleep early is not only a problem in fact the actual problem is that why you don’t get up early which is the root of all the problems and if your mother Is in angry mood that gets ready for world war 3 because no one is gonna save you and getting early in the morning depends on your parent’s choice.

Desi version of Good morning

Aag lagay tumharai mobile ko

Well, mobile is the root of every problem for desi parents if something is wrong then they surely have to put all the blame on it. If you score fewer marks it’s due to your mobile, if you are not willing to go outside with your mother of the father it’s because of mobile, if you are disobedient it’s due to your mobile or whatever you do the reason is definitely your mobile.

Aag lagay tumharai mobile ko

Kabhi parh bhi lia kro (Why you don't study)

No matter how much intelligent you are or how much hard worker you are you have to listen from your parents that ‘kuch nai parhta/parhti’ and this is the most irritating dialogue of Pakistani parents that whenever they are in bad mood suddenly the topic change into your studies.

Why you don't study

Dupatta theak sai lo boys are watching

Well, obviously only girls become the victim of this dialogue if you ever commit a mistake of going somewhere along with your mother than 99% chances are that you are going to set your dupatta whole time according to your mother’s instructions.

toset your dupatta

Mujhe hi nikami aulad milni thi

No matter how much wise, sharp or good you are you were Null, You are Null, and you will be Null for your Parents. If you ever dare to say no to your parents than you will be labelled as ‘Nikami aulad’

You are Null, and you will be Null for your Parents

Paisia darakhton pai nai ugtai

Just ask extra money from them than get ready for long lectures full of pieces of advice like ‘jab khud kumao gai tb pta chalai ga’ etc etc and if it comes to shopping than they will surely throw this dialogue and it is most common in Pakistani mothers than fathers.

Paisia darakhton pai nai ugtai

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