China's Artificial Intelligence Security

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Chinese police has equipped officers with special facial recognition glasses, to scan the IDs of train riders and plane passengers.The technology will be used to inspect criminals who might try to get away from the eyes of law enforcement agencies.
China's Artificial Intelligence Security

Security is a broad term, and in industry and government there are a myriad of “security” contexts on a variety of levels – from the individual to nation-wide. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being applied and developed across this spectrum.

Facial Recognition Glasses to Catch Criminals

Chinese police officers get new high tech facial recognition specs for identifying potential suspects on the go. The glasses come with a hand-held device for storing its database.

facial recognition glasses in china

Chinese police has furnished officers with exceptional facial recognition glasses, to filter the IDs of train riders and plane travelers.The police has gotten 7 criminals identified with real cases and 26 suspects that were utilizing fake IDs.

The technology will be used to inspect criminals who might try to get away from the eyes of law enforcement agencies. People’s Daily revealed that the facial recognition glasses were developed by LLVision Technology Co. to scan false IDs on the go.

Backlash - Facial Recognition Technology

The Chinese government didn't prevent from utilizing it when the agencies working for human rights talked against it.Reports were surfacing that these scanner glasses were widely used to geo-fence the residents of Xinjiang province, where Muslims are in majority. So there might be chances of targeting a special religious group through this facial recognition technology.

Backlash - Facial Recognition Technology

Observation Cameras

Crosswise over China, a system of 176 million observation cameras, anticipated that would develop to 626 million by 2020, keeps watch on the nation's more than 1.3 billion natives.

Loaded with facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence that can keep tabs on people and their activities, the cameras represent a blessing for the security state and a nightmare for privacy advocates, dissidents and anyone else the Chinese government deems a threat.

facial recognition technology

To test the full capabilities of the system, the BBC sent journalist John Sudworth to Guiyang, a southern city with an urban population of about 3.5 million people, to see if he could get lost in the crowd:

Spoiler alert: Surveillance cameras readily identified Sudworth as a “suspect,” and police had him in custody within seven minutes.

In describing their surveillance system’s full capabilities to Sudworth, Guiyang authorities revealed they store massive amounts of data on everyone they can identify, regardless of their target’s criminal status.

Camera Efficiency

That grants them to track anybody's movements through the city, recognizing other individuals they meet with and following their way back in time for a full week.


City of Jinan

In the eastern city of Jinan, officials use cameras to identify and publicly shame jaywalkers. Photos of offenders caught in the act are shown on a screen next to crosswalks, along with personal information about the person, like their home address and ID number.

City of Jinan

Isn’t limited to use in China

In 2014, a Chinese telecom company sold monitoring technology to the government of Ethiopia, which has been brutally cracking down on protesters. Brazil, Kenya, Ecuador and Britain have all purchased Chinese video monitoring systems as well.

Chinese telecom company sold monitoring technology

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