Child Marriage

The child marriage or forced marriage is a major issue which needs to be solved out soon. The ratio of child marriage of a girl is increasing in Pakistan, The reasons of child marriage can be wealth, protection, burden etc but the disadvantages of child marriage are very harmful so just stop child marriage and let the girl live her life.
Child Marriage

Child marriage is a formal marriage or informal union before age 18, it is a reality for both girls and boys but mostly girls become the victim of child marriage especially in such places where girls have no right to say no, where all the decisions of girls are taken by her parents or other members. Almost 39000 girls become child brides every single day, often married to the much older man. Child marriage is widespread and can lead to a lifetime of disadvantage. Child marriage is equivalent to forced marriage because almost every time girl has to be forced by her parents or family for the marriage.

Reasons for Child Marriage

Some Reasons of Child Marriages

The marriage of a child can be due to different reasons. There is always a reason for marrying their children in so young age without their consent.

Poor Families:

It is very common in poor families. Families who can’t afford the expenses of their girl child often marry them in young age. Child marriage traps girls and their families in a cycle of poverty. Marrying a daughter allows parents to reduce family expenses by ensuring that they have one less person feed, clothe and educate.

Daughter's economic Burden:

There are many people who still consider a girl as a burden, No doubt we are living in the 20th century but still, we are living with our conservative mentality, they don’t care for their daughters much so they marry their daughters in young age just to get rid of that burden as soon as possible.

Protection for their Daughters:

There are many families too who think that the right way to protect their daughters is to marry them at the young age so that they will be saved from sexual harassment or any other issue and it mostly occurs in areas where the dignity of daughters is not safe.

Tradition Practice:

In many places, child marriage occurs just because it has happened for generations, where there is a tradition of marrying young girls at the young age. Traditional practice often goes unquestioned because they have been part of a community’s life for so long.

Lack of Education:

Lack of education can also be the reason when parents are not well educated or are illiterate. Mother plays an important role in the protection of her child, If a mother is educated than she can save her daughter from such injustice but if she is not educated than she will also support this injustice.

Due to Lake of Education

Main Consequences

Child marriage has lasting consequences for girls, women married in their teens or earlier have to face many problems in their life which may include:

Health Issues:

Child marriage threatens the health and life of girls and health issues mostly occurs due to giving birth to a child in young age because the complications during pregnancy become high which may result in the death of the mother, girls aged 15 to 19 are twice as likely to die while giving birth as compare to the girls who give birth in the 20s.

Childhood Vanish:

Besides all the reasons of marrying a daughter at the young age but parents don’t understand is that how her childhood vanish in all the responsibilities which she has to face after her marriage, In the age of playing with dolls she have to be in the kitchen entertaining her in-laws.

Education System:

When girls will get married in young age then they will be deprived of education, when they will not get the education than they will never be able to educate their children well and in this way the tradition of child marriage will never come to end.

Wrong Reasons

Some Steps to Stop Child Marriage

Now it’s a time when we should take some steps to stop child marriage because it is the injustice to them.

1-    Empower girls with skills, information and support networks

2-    Provide economic support to girls and their families

3-    Educate the parents well and other community members

4-    Enhance girl’s access to high-quality education

5-    Encourage supportive laws and policies

Every person has right to live their life according to their own way. Let the smile of your young girl not die in the hardships of life. Don’t try to vanish her innocent child because she also has a right to fully enjoy her childhood without any worries of future and those who do injustice with their daughters have to answer on the Day of Judgment.

Wrap Up -  Please Stop Child Marraiges

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