Birth of a Girl Child - Daughter Quotes

Angels are often disguised as Daughters. Birth of a daughter is a blessing from Allah for her parents.
Birth of a Girl Child - Daughter Quotes

Hadith About Birth of a Girl Child

There is a saying of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) that ‘Lucky is the woman whose First child is a daughter’. There are so many hadith which tells us the importance of a girl child in Islam. Even daughters may become the reason of Jannah by taking care of them and by treating them with Love and Affection. We are living in the 20th century. Time has passed but our thinking remains the same. Even today we get upset due to the birth of a daughter or birth of consecutive two or three daughters. No doubt in many places daughters are given the same love and affection as they give to sons but not everywhere.

History About Girl was Buried Alive

1400 years ago when a girl was buried alive than Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) came forward and gave the woman her rights and taught every 1 to treat them with Love and affection but sadly I have to say that still today in many places girls have been killed after their birth or sometimes before their birth. Still, people consider them no less than a burden. Even there are many educated families who strictly behave with their daughters and put many restrictions on them and always speak in favor of their son without knowing that this discrimination hurts them much.Daughter Quotes

Daughter Quotes

Actually, there are two aspects of our society. There are many families who celebrate the birth of their daughter with real happiness who always give importance, care and love to their daughter whether they have 1 daughter or 3 daughters they always consider them ‘Allah’s Rehmat’ as they actually are. But on the other hand, there are some families who get upset by the birth of their daughter because they don’t want to have any daughter they only want a son. We are living in a society where the birth of 3 or 4 sons is something to be proud of whereas the birth of 3 or 4 daughters is something to be ashamed of. Harsh but true.

Many times when daughters proved that they better take care of their parents. No, I’m not saying that daughters are better than sons but it’s a fact that they show more concern towards their parents due to their sensitive nature they better feel the pain and hardships of their parents but still many people don’t value them. They have no idea that how much it hurts them to speak always in favor of their son and always give more importance to their son.

Now it’s a time to think over it. When Islam has given a status to a woman than:

  1. Why there are so many restrictions for a girl?
  2. Why it’s okay to be parents of 3 or 4 sons but it’s sad to be parents of 3 or 4 daughters?
  3. Why we give more importance to our sons?
  4. Why she has to forget her dreams just because she is a girl?

There are so many questions on every girl’s mind which she needs to be answered. Even there are many women who too get upset on the birth of a girl child because maybe she thinks that it’s hard to bring up a girl than a boy or maybe her in-laws don’t want to or maybe her husband wants a son or maybe due to any other reason.

But my question is that how a woman can get upset on the birth of a girl in spite of the fact that she is also a girl?

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