BioGas Free Energy

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BIOGAS Typically refers to a mixture of different gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the Absence of Oxygen.It's also a free energy alternative and green energy. Many developed countries using biogas as an alternative to high carbon maker resources. Biogas also gives you a refined Manure (کھاد). As per recent livestock census, there are 51 million animals (Buffaloes, Cows, Bullocks) in Pakistan so there is huge Biogas potential in Pakistan.
BioGas Free Energy

Free ((((Energy+Fertilizer+Gas))))

It is virtually free and possible in Pakistan to form a biogas plant and use it for multi-functions. Biogas could be a clean and renewable fuel (similar to LPG) that you just will build yourself. you'll be ready to cook all of your traditional meals with it.


How Does Biogas Work?

Biogas is formed in a very biogas sterilizer. we tend to decide it a sterilizer as a result of it's an oversized tank full of microorganism that fare (or digests) organic waste and offers an ignitable gas, referred to as biogas. The microorganism within the Gesi550 biogas sterilizer ought to be cared for such as you would take care of an associated animal. If the microorganism has an excessive amount of or insufficient food they get sick. you need to feed the microorganism each day with a mix of waste product and water. additionally, to biogas, the Gesi systems build waste matter that's wealthy in nutrients. This water could also be poured over your plants to assist them to grow.

Biogas systems build use of a comparatively straightforward, well-known, and mature technology. The most a part of a biogas system could be a giant tank or sterilizer. within this tank, microorganism converts organic waste into methane series gas through the method of anaerobic digestion. Each day, the operator of a biogas system feeds the sterilizer with menage by-products like the market waste, room waste, and manure from a livestock. The methane series gas made within biogas system could also be used for preparation, lighting, and different energy wants. Waste that has been totally digestible exits the biogas system within the style of fertilizer.


The Biogas Technology (BT) offers an associate economical approach of biomass utilization. It involves anaerobic fermentation of organic materials like animal dung, agricultural wastes, aquatic weeds etc. to provide methane-rich fuel gas and an added fertilizer. Thus, it's appreciable potential for providing fuel associated chemical besides being an economic system for employment waste of interference of pollution, ecological imbalance and improvement of healthful conditions within the rural areas.

PCRET: An Initiator

   Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) undertook propagation of Biogas Technology as early as in 1976, supported foreign Chinese style so at the start put in twenty-one family size units. However later owing to numerous factors like force per unit area variables, lack of workmanship, escape occurring within the dome, preventive the nice performance of gas made through the fermentation method, the council adjourned the programme.

Thereafter Indian style was adopted with some modifications, appropriate to native conditions and later a project for installation of one,200 family size biogas plants on public-private cost-sharing basis was launched. In view of the prompt and positive response of the individuals, the project terminated by putting in 35% further biogas plants than the target originally set forth in PC-1. (Actual 1,604 units put in against the target of 1,200 units).

Supported by the positive open reaction, PCRET launched another undertaking for the establishment of 2,500 biogas plants in 2007 with a concede component of Rs.17000/ - per plant. within the last 2 years despite numerous money constraints, about 2,000 biogas units have thus far been put in with success whereas work on different five hundred units is current.

Originally, biogas plants were created for preparation purpose solely. However in view of this energy crisis i.e. rise in costs of fossil fuels; increase in electrical utility tariff and significant load shedding that has severely affected the lives of a standard man and therefore the economy, possibilities were more operating up for utilization of biogas on a commercial scale.

Thus over the amount, demand from the general public has compelled PCRET to explore ways in which and means that of victimization biogas for lighting also as irrigation functions. Keeping this aspect in view, PCRET came forward to form doable the employment of biogas in generating power for lighting, refrigeration, electrical fans, mobile charging, running washer and iron for pressing garments etc. Besides the pace costs of diesel not to mention its irregular offer has compelled husbandman to use biogas as twin fuel (diesel + biogas) for running their tube wells. For this purpose, comparatively an even bigger size biogas plants (10M3, 15M3, 20M3 gas production capability per day) are designed and put in in Sialkot, Narowal, Jhang and different places. As per field reports, the success rate of such plants is incredibly high.

BioGas Potential in Pakistan

As per recent livestock census, there are 51 million animals (Buffaloes, Cows, Bullocks) in West Pakistan. Thus, 19.125 Million M3 biogas are often made daily by associated aerobic fermentation of dung through an installation of regarding3.825 million family size biogas plants, that might meet the preparation wants of regarding fifty million people. The entire population of Pakistan is regarding 170 million, out of that 68% reside within the rural areas, that involves being 98 million. so we are able to meet the cooking/heating necessities of a quarter mile rural plenty from this single supply of energy (biogas) besides, manufacturing 57.4 million kilos of element enriched bio-fertilizer per day or 21.00 million heaps of bio-fertilizer each year, that is a necessary demand for sustaining the fertility of agricultural lands.

Best Option for Future

In view of the viewable scenario, promotion of the biogas technology (B.T.) appears to be one in every of the most effective choices that might, not solely partly offset the fuel and fuelwood consumption however conjointly might facilitate employment of agro-animal residues as a bio-fertilizer. Moreover, being clean and renewable, it'd conjointly contribute towards atmosphere protection, sustenance of scheme and conservation of diverseness. There is, however, an amazing need to promote public awareness, especially, among youth and ladies, on the employment of bio-energy (biogas) and bio-fertilizer and conjointly to form awareness and ability regarding eco-system management, conservation of diverseness and sustainable use of natural resources.

Due to mass Social acceptance

The Government of Pakistan has asked PCRET to launch a mega project on the biogas technology by putting in 25,000 biogas units everywhere the country to not solely cater the requirements of preparation however conjointly for agriculture and industrial purpose so as to fulfil the shortage of gas and electricity within the country. it's hoped that once approval from involved quarters the project can pave the approach on mass-scale dissemination of associate atmosphere –friendly technology; that excluding being inexperienced has monumental edges to the general public at the country.

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