Top & Best schools in Karachi

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karachi is a city known as a city of lights. This city has rich in the education sector and there are many Best schools in Karachi.Our middle and high school graduation rates are still very low. Too many children do not continue beyond primary school or drop out later. So its a very serious point to choose the right education platform for your child. Read about the Karachi top 10 schools list with their short intro,
Top & Best schools in Karachi

Here is the list of best schools in Karachi

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is considered the backbone of the country. Numerous well–known private and public educational institutes are working in Karachi for

the well being of students. Education is very obligatory for building a nation and it is the fundamental right of every person. The educational sector is the area where our Government has to do a lot of work to develop strong roots, making sure that each and every person should get a quality education. There is a no of institutes in Karachi which are doing really very well. Read about best schools in Karachi. Education system in Pakistan needs some improvements and govt should consider it as a serious problem.

Education Bay (EBAY):

Education Bay (EBAY) is situated at Defence Housing Authority in Karachi. It is a Montessori School from 'O' level to A level. Education Bay (EBAY) School has been one of the pioneer schools on many fronts. When you checking the website you will learn about their progressive horizons. The school has advanced towards excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. They are delighted to house one of the best faculty team for both the juniors as well as the O’ Level section, providing quality education with top grades and enabling their students to seek admission in the best colleges here and abroad.

British Over Seas (B.O.S):

It is situated in Khayaban-e-Hilal, DHA Phase VII. Since 1958 it is providing quality in education. It provides classes from Pre-Nursery to A levels. The British Overseas School (BOS) aims to be recognized internationally as a leader in the provision of modern, high-quality UK education. To achieve this they are committed to creating an educational ethos and environment from which the whole school community will benefit in terms of their learning, development and growth. They believe that our students will leave them as creative, constructive and responsible members of the international community instilled with enough enthusiasm, passion, and ambition to last a lifetime.

BOS of Karachi best schools in karachi

Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S):

Karachi Grammar School was founded in 1847. It is an English medium school which promises to provide eminence educational experience to its students. Their children are treated as individuals, but their aim to arouse compassionate awareness of others and to introduce social and environmental issues. Art, craft, music, computers, swimming, and academic visits are a part of each child’s expertise, building on a powerful foundation within the basic acquirement and attainment skills. A distinguishing feature of Junior Section, in line with this philosophy, is the Annual Concert in which every child participates. They show their students how to take responsibility for their own learning. They also build up their social skills in how to relate to others.

Bay View Academy (B.V.A):

The Bay View Academy (BVA) tutorial model emphasizes tutorial rigour and a theme-based, integrated information approach aligned with state standards and core information frameworks. Instructional planning follows state-adopted and state-approved materials and incorporates skills-focused coursework in language arts and mathematics. BVA’s thematic element employs multi-disciplinary units of study during which social studies and science standards kind the initial style focus, and language arts, math, and different disciplines like Spanish and the arts are developed to support the main themes. They build strong, collaborative relationships to fuel a diverse, inclusive community committed to lifelong learning. Empowered global citizens building meaningful lives and community. Bay View Academy is offering classes from nursery to O is located in Khayaban-e-Shaheen, DHA Phase VIII, Karachi, Pakistan.

Bay View Academy (BVA)

The Indus Academy:

It was established in 1989 providing primary and middle school education. It is a private school. The Indus Academy (IA) has its roots in the Playschool, a nursery school started from August 1989 with four students. Encouraged by the success of the nursery and the confidence of the parents, the school started Primary Level classes in 1998. Student number continued to grow and the school continued to expand. In 2006 The Indus Academy was recognized by the British Council as a bona fide institution preparing children for the O'level exams. The first batch of students sat for their O' Levels in 2007.

The Indus Academy

Center For Advanced Studies (C.A.S):

The Center For Advanced Studies School was founded by Sami Mustafa in 1981. During its first few years, it had established itself as a well growing private school in Karachi Pakistan. In January 2005 the Junior and Senior Sections shifted from rented (residential) premises to this custom-made   Main field. A diversified Programme of Studies could now be offered on a more expanded and elaborate scale for students to experience a wider intellectual canvas and learning opportunities. The Kindergarten Section moved into its purpose-built campus, located behind the Main Campus, in January 2009. Now a Days, the Center For Advanced Studies provide a 14-year programme from Playgroup to O-Level, with a total of 1,250 students, 205 teaching members and 80 support staff in the two campuses. Its main campus is located in phase VIII, Defence.

CAS Karachi

Froebel Education Center:

Established by a German specialiser in 1990. The philosophy of Froebel Education Centre relies on the concepts of Froebel, a German specialiser who believed powerfully within the harmony of life, the individuality of students and learning through play. These ideas not to mention 'hands-on' activities from preschool through O' Levels kind the idea of our education. The essence of our philosophy is to create holistic growth in our students in areas of social, tutorial and private development. it's placed in part VIII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan. At Froebel, our aim is to produce a high-quality education that extends on the far side of the room.

Beacon House School System:

Beaconhouse School System aims to provide quality education of an international standard. They educate quality management, quality coaching and quality education, transferring students to their students, community and also the wider world. The Beaconhouse School System has up from its modest beginnings in 1975 as Les Anges Montessori Academy to become a significant force within the education world. "Is one of the most important school networks in the Beacon House, with any foundation already established within UK, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, UAE, Belgium and Thailand. It is providing quality education since 1975. Quite one hundred forty-five branches of Beacon House School System are operating everywhere in Pakistan. It's a no of branches in numerous areas of Karachi as well as defence, Clifton, the steel town.

Beacon House School System

Bay View High School:

It is a co-educational institute supported in 1994 in Karachi. impressed by British academic system it offers categories from O level to level. They encourage the pursuit of learning for its own sake and change our students to get their academic potential, develop their talents and discover their personal and social strengths. They value scholarship, intellectual creativity, innovation and independent thought. They cultivate tolerance, integrity, compassion, perseverance, self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-reliance. They believe in each of their students and they encourage them to achieve their full potential both as distinctive individuals and as responsible members of society. Their student is poised to achieve his / her greatest aspirations whilst becoming a truly global citizen.

The International School:

A professional and learning community with open minds to feel the world. It is a private school located in Cliffton, Karachi. It provides pre-high to high school classes. They prepare their children for the greatest challenge in their life to make informed decisions. For this purpose as leaders of tomorrow, they need to be knowledgeable in various disciplines and skilled in communication and analysis. Only such individuals will be best equipped to engage with people and issues from all over the world. The International School (TIS) recognizes and addresses these needs by fostering a dynamic, nurturing environment for the personal development of each student through an internationally acclaimed balanced curriculum.

Other Schools Well Rated in Karachi:

Here is the list of other Top Schools in Karachi Pakistan List so that if you want to take admission in the any of the school then you must have a complete list of all in front of you and then you can choose from this. Other well-rated schools in Karachi are Defense American School, DHA Public School, ST. John’s High School, ST. Mary’s School, The City School, The Lyceum School, St Patrick’s high school, St. Patrick’s Girls’ High School, Convent of Jesus and Mary ,Bay View High School Karachi, Karachi Public school, The City School – Paf Chapter, The Avicenna School,Cas School,Haque Academy,Head Start School System.

KGS of Karachi

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