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Telenor Pakistan has been voted most desirable place to work for the last 6 consecutive years.Telenor achieve the award of Best Working Place.Telenor is a best practices in diversity and inclusion.
Best Place to Work In

“Best Place to Work in Telecom”

Telenor Pakistan has been voted most desirable place for work for the last 6 consecutive years. Owned by Telenor Norway, it has roots to work culture in the Norwegian culture. It's an all-inclusive, flat, non-hierarchical structure where even the CEO is easily approachable. Telenor Pakistan is one of the best places to work at, Everyone definitely wants to know why that is so.

Telenor Pakistan Best

Work Places

In the 21st century, a company’s or organization's success and leadership role in the industry is not only judged by the profits and market share it enjoys, but also on how fairly and generously they look after their employees. There are so many great Companies who are making this better more and more, There top priority is not only achieving high shares in a market as well as they are focusing on moral values too.

There’s a reason why companies like Google and Microsoft continue to dominate their respective industries, by prioritizing the needs and well-being of their personnel. By doing this, companies don’t just acquire an attractive reputation in the industry, but also continue to attract top-tier talent consistently, ensuring their future success in the process.

In Pakistan, companies spearheading an employee-friendly workplace are gaining recognition as well, both inside and out of the industry they operate in. In this respect, it is important to mention Telenor Pakistan, which won the award for being the “Best Place to Work in Telecom” by Engage Consulting and PSHRM.


Telenor which is owned by Sigev Brekke a Norwegian has achieved the award of Best Working Place. Upon receiving this prestigious award, Telenor Pakistan has attributed its success to its vibrant and dynamic workforce. The company accredits their employees for this achievement, it continues to make inroads in Pakistan’s deeply competitive telecom space. The officials, while explaining the factors behind Telenor’s success, praised the egalitarian culture of the company. Employees also rated the company, mentioning that Telenor Pakistan looks after their needs. They are totally satisfied with their jobs along with other facilities which they get a cause of their job in Telenor.

Sigve Brekke telenor Pakistan

Telenor believes that these factors have played a important role in authorize its employees:

1- Constant Innovation

A person who feels Appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

It is a well-established fact that those who don’t create, risk getting left behind. It is very crucial to introduce new and unique ideas. This fact is also not lost in Telenor, which believes that constant innovation is one of the driving keys to its success (EasyPaisa, iChamp program, etc). Telenor’s upgradation from a telco to a Digital Services Provider is reflective of that. Among its employees, Telenor encourages its employees ‘Fail fast’ and learn from the experience. This aspect has made the company grow at a competitive pace. Every person can give best of his abilities when a company makes them feel relax and comfortable likewise Telenor Pakistan has provided the necessary facilities and a flexible and open work environment to its workers so that they can deliver their best.

Happy Employees

2- Go Beyond

This is what I personally appreciate and like about Telenor They don't bind their employees. Many Employee engagement activities are there, also they give you full authority to work according to your own style. You will learn how to work independently and together with a team at the same time. A more flexible way of work has become part of Telenor’s culture, a culture that lets its employees decide their time and place of work. The company takes pride in the fact that its employees don’t need to be physically present unless it's required. Telenor says that its ‘Go Beyond’ approach has aided it in its short and long-term goals. No rules would matter when employees already give their best.   Amazingly, its employees aren’t even bound by the ‘number of hours’ factor. All that matters for Telenor Pakistan are the productivity & quality delivered by their employees.

Love your Employees

3- Working Culture

It is not a piece of cake to make a prominent place in a very competitive Market. It's always fun to be in office and enjoy your work. Management always considers your area of interest and provide the environment to enhance your skills and deliver more than best. Culture makes you feel like family. Fantastic place to work and grow. Telenor is definitely one of the best places to work in Pakistan. The company follows several open culture initiatives such as open desk policy, pick and drop facilities for female employees etc.

Employees in Telenor

To fulfill its ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, Telenor has already launched numerous programs including Open Mind Trainee Program (OMT). The OMT program has made hiring of differently-abled people a priority, making them an essential component of how Telenor takes its social responsibilities.

Naya Aghaaz program is another initiative by Telenor that empowers women to resume their careers after a break or joining the corporate sector for the first time. Colorful and different schemes could get with women leaders in any company. Telenor says that this program has helped them produce more female leaders in the organization.

jon fredrik

Before You start any business you must have to design and implement some basic principals. Among its principal policies, Telenor believes in:

  • Providing space to employees for a work-life balance through its flexible work dynamics
  • Maintaining the equilibrium by providing the female workers a six-month paid maternity leave (even extendable for any valid reason) and a paternity leave of 10 working days for the males.
  • Help new mothers through its own in-house daycare.

With these initiatives, it is very easy to understand that why Telenor Pakistan is considered one of the best places to work at.

Telenor awarded as best place to work in

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