Balochistan Reforms

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Balochistan’s budget for 2017/2018 indicates a latent desire to reform provincial government operations and expenditure to create space for increasing allocations for development as well as public service delivery
Balochistan Reforms

Balochistan’s budget for 2017/2018 indicates a latent desire to reform provincial government operations and expenditure to create space for increasing allocations for development.

Moreover, the budget also introduced a development budget calendar. The purpose is to ensure timely and effective utilisation of the funds available for public sector development spending.

Educational Reforms

Like other federating units, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, Balochistan has also been empowered to reform its curriculum in the aftermath of the 18th amendment. The Education Department has launched the Balochistan Sector Plan to reform the curriculum and prepare a future roadmap in terms of ensuring provision of education to children.

Aghaz-E-Haqooq-E-Balochistan Project

​​​​​​​The project is focused towards providing opportunities for access to higher education to under privileged candidates of Balochistan, who despite possessing academic merit are unable to overcome the obstacle of funding, which is not only restricted to tuition costs, but extends to accommodation and living expenses.

MTS - Aghaz-E-Haqooq-E-Balochistan Project

The program is meant to provide 600 Master leading to PhD scholarships (200 overseas and 400 indigenous) to talented students of Balochistan. The current project is in line with the overall objectives of the sector and closely linked with the other development projects under implementation for the promotion and development of Province.

New Universities

Establishment of new universities and development of existing universities are amongst the main functions of the Higher Education Commission under Rules of Business. The current scheme would in future be providing manpower for public sector universities.​

New Universities

Consultants from Islamabad

For the first time, the nationalistled government has allocated 24 percent of total budget for development of education sector in the province.For reforming the curriculum, the education department has approached consultants from Islamabad. Curriculum would be prepared and reformed as per the requirement and wishes of people of Balochistan.

Government Teachers

Similarly, the teachers would also be trained according to the curriculum.The number of government teachers as per the statistics of education department was 56000.

Number of Schools

According to Secretary Education the number of primary, middle and high schools across the province was 12600. The number of Madrassahs has significantly increased in Balochistan.Bringing reform in curriculum and bringing 2.3 million children to schools is a colossal challenge facing the Dr. Malik Baloch led nationalist government.The plan pledges to construct 4000 new primary schools by 2018, to enrol 700,000 new children.There is still little hope to expect that the target of constructing 4000 new schools will be achieved, keeping in view progress of the past one and half year.

Number of Schools

The Balochistan government has withdrawn the authorisation for the release of Rs1 billion funds earmarked for the provision of potable water and toilet facilities in government schools across the province.

Roads and Construction

The National Highway Authority (NHA) has been striving to construct network of highways and motorways in less-developed areas of the country with special focus on Balochistan.In Balochistan, work on 17 road infrastructure projects is continuing in backward areas to bring them on a par with the developed ones.

Roads and Construction

Connecting Balochistan

FWO was tasked to lay a network of roads for the much needed connectivity of Gwadar Port with upcountry as part of CPEC.
FWO is presently constructing 873 km of roads in Balochistan as part of Western Route of CPEC to operationalize Gwadar Deep Sea Port by enhancing its connectivity.

Balochistan's Hospital

Steps are being taken to establish automatic systems in different medical centres of Balochistan to cope with the demands of the modern era.The new system would be set up in Civil Hospital Quetta, Bolan Medical Complex Hospital Quetta and Sheikh Zahid Hospital.


It would be the only automatic system of its kind since the modern system does not exist in any state-run hospital across the country.The new system would work like a dashboard consisting of all the information regarding patients including their previous records, details of medications, diagnosis, tests etc. The system would be installed in all the three hospitals on experimental basis.

Railway Tracks

Pakistan Railways will complete feasibility report of new railways tracks planned in Balochistan under the umbrella of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for linking Gwadar with Quetta via Basima in one month.

Railway Tracks

Balochistan under the umbrella of CPEC for linking Gwadar with Mastung via Basima (960km) and Basima with Jacobabad through Khuzdar (300km). Linking Gwadar with Mastung (960km) and Basima with Jacobabad via Khuzdar (300km) is a long-term project envisaged for 2025-2030.

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