Axact IT Company

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Axact company not only ranks as the 'top choice employer' in Pakistan but also has more than 2 billion users worldwide.Recently confirmed about this company is provides fake diploma,fake degree,axact it company scandals and shoaib sheikh scandal.
Axact IT Company

Axact IT Company

Axact company not solely ranks because the 'top alternative employer' in the Asian nation however conjointly has quite two billion users worldwide. Recently confirmed regarding this company is provides a faux credential, fake degree,exact it company scandals and Shoaib swayer scandal.

Axact not solely ranks because the 'top alternative employer' in the Asian nation however conjointly has quite two billion users worldwide and a powerful client base of forty million across the planet. Axact, World’s Leading IT Company was based throughout the dot-com boom in 1997 and commenced from a one-room workplace. Now a Days, Axact includes a world presence across six continents, a hundred and twenty countries and one,300 cities with quite twenty-five,000 staff and Associates. Axact’s ten various Business Units provide quite a twenty-three world category product to a number of the foremost prestigious shoppers worldwide. Axact aims to extend Pakistan’s IT exports by $50 billion, by increasing its men to 100,000.

Axact IT Company

Company Mission

This is their mission and everything they are doing reflects this solely this and zilch else. At Axact, they work to be the quantity one with quite five-hundredths of the revenues and profits of each world market they enter and at an equivalent time deploy their core competencies towards the socio-economic development.
World Wide Leading Company

Axact IT Company Chairman and CEO

The company appeared to him to produce its vision and direction.Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is that the Chairman and CEO of Exact IT leading Company. as a result of his entrepreneurial aptitude and skills, Axact has realigned itself to specialize in a worldwide reaching whereas at an equivalent time, giving back to Pakistani society from the company's profits. In 1997, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh started a journey to form a corporation that will become a house name in each trade.

Chairman and CEO of Axact

Core Product

  • Core solutions are offered to massive, medium and tiny size businesses with specific purposeful desires, specially made-to-order as per the delivery demand of their shoppers. facultative customers in varied elements of the world to mobilize men, reorganize resources, and align restrictive compliance. Stay Ahead in your trade by taking advantage of industry-specific data, best practices, and processes. Our unambiguously designed systems are tailored to create you your trade leader! Axact's tiny Business product is offered to tiny, medium and huge organizations to assist them to improve method and systems leading to a rise of potency. Axact has thorough and comprehensive coaching code that facilitates machine-controlled coaching for each joinee facultative them to find out and perceive the processes in step with their relevant job duties.

    •    Exact ERP

    •    Axact CRM

    •    Axact Content Management

    •    Axact HRM

    •    Axact enlisting

    •    Axact coaching

    •    Axact staff Portal

    •    Axact Finance

    About Axact

Industry Specific Products

  • Stay Ahead in your trade by taking advantage of industry-specific data, best practices, and processes. Their unambiguously designed systems are tailored to create you their trade leader! Axact cordial reception and Leisure solutions are made-to-order to match the stress of your atmosphere – whether or not you run restaurants, operate cinemas or manage an arena or arena. It provides good individuals with good technology to assist you to manage your operations, connect with customers and enhance your business with quality choices. Our operational solutions for the cordial reception are designed on open, API platforms, providing you with the pliability and measurability to adapt to ever-changing conditions.

    •    Axact Education

    •    Axact aid

    •    Axact transportation and supplying

    •    Axact Defence and Security

    •    Axact cordial reception and Leisure

    •    Axact media and Management System

    •    Axact Retail

    Education Suppoprt

Small Business Products and Business Unit

  • Axact's tiny Business product is offered to tiny, medium and huge organizations to assist them to improve method and systems leading to a rise of potency.1-Axact Protect7 out of fifteen Business Units are not any. one within the world owing to the distinctive foremost product they provide. These units cater to a number of the foremost prestigious shoppers around the globe.

    •    Apps Unit

    •    Application Development Unit

    •    Design Unit

    •    Education Unit

    •    Research Unit

    •    Standardization Unit

    •    SaaS Unit

    Axact Company of Pakistan

Fast Emerging Business Units

Axact caters to that desires globally giving solutions to massive, medium and tiny size businesses with specific business desires. These units can shortly be the quantity one as they deliver the most effective answer there's within the world.

1.    B2B Marketplace Unit

2.    IT Device Unit

3.    IT Service Unit

4.    Travel Services

5.    artistic Writing

6.    Digital promoting

7.    Chat Services

8.    on-line commercialism

Socio-Economic Development Axact and Plan 2019

Keeping in line with the second a part of Axact’s mission Caring, Axact has launched Socio-Economic Development Axact or SED Axact, whereby Axact contributes sixty-fifths of its total revenues to the present initiative. Under the umbrella of SED, Axact is set up 2019, that aims to create the sectors of Education, Healthcare, Judicial help, and Food & Shelter cheap and accessible to any or all by the year 2019. For Judicial help, Free Insaaf has already been launched, which can resolve matters of up to three hundred,000 throughout the Asian nation.
Plan 2019 Axact Comapny

Company Partners

  1. 1.    Development Partner

    2.    sales Partner

    3.    Implementation Partner

Exact Degree Scandal - US

Acting America professional Joon H. Kim said: “Operating from Asian nation, Umair Hamid helped fraudulently gain immeasurable greenbacks from unwitting yank shoppers WHO paid to register in, and obtain degrees from, high faculties and schools that failed to exist."As a result of his fraud, people that thought they were financed in associate degree education received nothing quite nugatory diplomas and a harsh lesson within the worldwide reach of deceit."Together with our partners at the law enforcement agency and also the mail, we'll still work to safeguard shoppers from scams that victimize our voters.”Kim praised the outstanding investigatory work of the law enforcement agency and also the America communication examination Service. Hamid served as Exact “Assistant vice chairman of mediation.” Among alternative things, he created varied false and fallacious representations to shoppers so as to sell faux diplomas.
Axact Degree Scandal

Fake Degree Holders Get Fake Calls

The ill-famed IT firm from Asian nation, EXACT is back in business with yet one more alleged extortion theme. Mimicking cops and elective organization, the EXACT telesales masters are apparently coercing numerous fake degree holders inside the United Arab Emirates to submit 'enactment fees’. The dubious firm is supposedly allegedly over again conning its faux degree holders to extort thousands of greenbacks. From 2009 to 2015, EXACT sold-out faux degrees from around 350 virtual universities to two hundred,000 residents of 197 countries. According to a report unconcealed by Gulf News, the faux degree supplier has currently employed professionally trained sales representatives to impersonate government officers. Speaking fluent Arabic and multiple alternative languages, the representatives operational from Pakistani decision centers use spoofing techniques to mimic any real telephone number with country code, creating individuals believe that the calls are real.x
Fake call - Axact IT Leading Comapny

The Victims

A South African residing within the Emirates WHO paid thousands of greenbacks to induce his hands on an instructional certificate, received spoofed calls wherever a person, impersonating as a Dubai officer, asked him to submit $5,000 as degree legislation fee otherwise he might need to face proceedings. The number that he received the decision from (04-609 999), belonged to Dubai police office and upon confirmation, it clothed to be a scam. A former AXACT worker recorded his statement for the report locution, “They’ve employed professionally trained call center agents. Axact shoppers in alternative countries are obtaining such calls”. The additional other than the corporate uses caller ID-spoofing for faux calls.

Another expat received a telephone from Ministry of Human Resources, UAE, and upon confirmation, the numbers evidenced to be owned by government offices within the country. Another dupe of the most recent scam could be a medical applied scientist, WHO paid $60,000 for eighteen certificates from multiple imitative universities over 3 years. A decision from UAE Embassy within the States asked her to remit $69,100 to renew the certification of her degrees. She paid the fee to Cambell University that goes past EXACT. Since the bail of CEO of EXACT, Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, Facebook newsfeed for UAE residents is flooded with ‘accredited online degrees’ ads, showing that the disreputable company is back in business.

Phone Calls - A Victom

Chief Justice of Pakistan takes notice of Axact degree scandal

Chief Justice of Asian nation, Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took a Suo Motu notice of the Exact faux degree scandal. Axact claims to be the "world's largest IT company" and operates many faux on-line universities go past agents from a Karachi-based call center. The magistrate summoned a report from the director general (DG) of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The magistrate remarked, “our heads continue shame owing to the scandal,” adding that that conveyance a nasty name to the Asian nation won't be allowed to travel scot-free.

News reports concerning the faux degree scandal do the rounds in native and international media and conveyance a nasty name to the country, the magistrate remarked. The magistrate discovered that if the news reports concerning the scandal are correct, the activity ought to be checked and if otherwise, then Asian nation ought to defend its image. The scandal surfaced earlier also and cases associated with it are afoot in courts, the magistrate remarked. A date of hearing the case was then directed to be mounted. Axact's chief govt was inactive associate degreed an investigation launched by the Pakistani authorities once a brand new dynasty Times expose` in 2015. A senior manager of the corporate, Umair Hamid, was sentenced to twenty-one months in a very America jail in August 2017 for his half in Axact's fraud.

Chief Justice of Pakistan take Notice

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