Artificial Milk in Pakistan

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.The supply of artificial milk in Pakistan has become so common that it has become so difficult to find pure milk. According to national dairy council milk is filled with 9 essentials. There are so many benefits of milk which completely lost due to artificial milk but chief justice action on milk to ban the substandard packaged milk has brought hope that we will find pure milk soon.
Artificial Milk in Pakistan

We are living in a country where it becomes really hard to find something original and pure without any thrust. As far as purity or originality comes than now-a-days we can’t even find a pure soul than how can we expect to have a healthy food in our country. Let’s take an example of Milk which is very beneficial for our health in number of ways but even we are unable to have a pure and healthy milk because it is full of thrust these days that all it’s healthiness goes in vain.

Benefits of Milk

Benefits of Milk

According to National Dairy Council, milk is filled with 9 Essential nutrients that are very beneficial for our health including :

1-    It provides calcium which results in healthy bones and strong teeth.

2-    It provides protein which serves as a source of energy that’s why Kids who take a glass of milk daily are more energetic

3-    It provides Potassium which helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

4-    It provides Phosphorus which helps to strengthen bones and generate energy.

5-    It provides Vitamin D which helps maintain bones

6-    It provides Vitamin B-12 which maintains healthy red blood cells and nerve tissue

7-    It provides Vitamin-A which maintains the immune system and helps to maintain the normal vision and skin

8-    It provides Riboflavin(B2) which converts food into energy

9-    Last but not the least it also provides Niacin which Metabolizes sugar and fatty acids.

Disease Prevention

Besides all these benefits of Milk the major benefit of milk is Disease prevention. Yes it not only provides us energy, strengthen our bones but it also helps us to fight against disease. Milk may help to reduce the risk of many diseases like osteoporosis (disease of bone due to which bone become weak and thin), hypertension (High blood pressure), heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as improve overall diet quality for adults and children.

Artificial Milk

What’s an advantage of having so many benefits of Milk when we gonna have an artificial milk in the end. Punjab Food authority did survey of many food companies and got to know that how so many milk companies sell artificial milk just for the sake of money.

1-   Many companies add Formalin chemical in milk and that chemical is used to preserve dead bodies

2-   Many companies add the juice of sugarcane in Milk which is not good for our health

3-   Many companies also mix washing powder in milk which can affect our stomach badly.

4-   Many companies make milk with Shampoos in a vegetable oil and such poison milk supply all over Pakistan.

5-   Cattle are being injected with an oxytocin injection which helps cattle to produce more milk which provides harm not only to animals but also to people who consume such milk.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Action

Recently in January 2018 chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar has taken notice of the sale of sybstandard packaged milk. After the notice of Supreme court such milk has been banned which includes Formalin chemical which can cause cancer too and all the injections which are used on animals are alsi bann everywhere. According to the Chief Justice :

'We will not allow sale of chemical as milk'

Strong Actions Against

Long story short, now we are living in a century where it become sadly impossible to have anything pure and healthy. Of course milk is beneficial for health we can’t stop to have it but what we can do is that supreme court should take strong actions against such companies. Banning such companies is not only a solution in fact such people should be punished who just for the sake of money don’t hesitate to take someone’s life and punishment should be that hard that no one ever dare to commit such mistake which is no longer than a sin.

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