The History Of Black Day in Pakistan

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144 Stories - Dawn's memorial for the 144 children and adults of Army Public School Peshawar who died on 16th December 2014.132 flowers of Peshawar army School's died when terrorist attack.This incident remembered as the black day in Pakistan. I urged the nation to make a pledge to build a democratic society with zero tolerance for violence and extremism in name of religion, sect, ethnicity or race.
The History Of Black Day in Pakistan

Black Day in Pakistan

16 December 2014 - these days is that the Black Day in Pakistan. I ne'er considered writing a post like this, however, these days I'm therefore badly broken once looking news channels whole day at the tv, I ne'er feel unhappy like this in my life before. Today that morning some coward terrorists attacked a faculty (Army Public School) in Peshawar City, they martyred 133 innocent youngsters students and 9 faculty workers members by firing & suicide attack. Worst day Ever in the history of Pakistan.

Black Day in Pakistan

May Allah provide strength to the fogeys of martyred kids. May Allah provide Hidayat to Taleban if they don’t be Hidayat, MAy Allah destroy them. Black day within the History of   Pakistan. Allah Has aforesaid within the Quran, killing of an innocent person is capable killing all the humanity. May Allah save Pakistan from all internal and external controversies?

Army Public School and College System Attack

See these expensive faces of innocent youngsters. Who will accept killing these angels? What’s their crime..? Education. sigh. these days I desire the complete humanity has died. Pray For the Parents lost their innocent youngsters during this bloody attack.

Injured Innocent School Attack

I'm a student further, however, these days for the terribly initial time I feel a very helpless.No quantity of words is adequate. Allah blesses Pakistan.Prayers for those that lost their admired ones during this terrible attack…

Our Power is Education you Can't Stop

Today I'm aiming to share some a lot of content & re-posting! I'm sharing some pictures which could be troublesome to check. I am sorry however its an extremely feverish to check innocent youngsters in blood. I saw these in news and was unable to prevent my tears. Be sturdy & see the remainder of the post. I saw most of these pictures at news channels & media, however, sharing fastidiously with you! you will skip seeing these pictures if you wish..

Bullets Sign After Attack

This is the school principal office, burnt badly. Pak Army rescues her during the operation but She went inside the school again for her students. bloody terrorists burnt her alive. This is really heartbreaking.

After Attack InvestigationAttack When was Delivering Lecture Early Morning

This is the image of the school hall wherever student gathers to attend the workshop connected tending. "Terrorists skint the back entryway adolescents conceal themselves behind the seats, the remorseless bleeding terrorists exchange each column & target all the youngsters egg laying down. School hall door. I'm inarticulate. Whats the crime of those angels?

Classroom Condition After AttackYoungest Innocent Child Injured During AttackYoung Child Shoe

This shoe relates to a 4-year-old girl Khola, it had been her initial day in class, ( the day of reckoning in class as well) she martyred & her father is wounded & in hospital. Even rescue staff were unable to cover their feelings.

Young Martyrs in Peshawar School AttackZarb-e-Azb

Pakistan Army started operation against Taleban 6 months back, Zarb-e-Azb & this attack on Army faculty was the revenge from Taleban.but currently you may see what our army is doing with Taliban. These are the 7 bloody Taliban badly crushed 132 flowers at school.

7 bloody TalibanThey Went to School and Never Came Back

Students in Pakistan are still going to schools & not going to stop their Education. We pray to Allah Almighty for the patience & are hope & future of Pakistan. Candlelight vigil every city & every location in Pakistan. And worldwide too..everyone is with us in this painful and difficult time on the Nation...Innocent Childs Pray For Young Martyrs in Peshawar School Attack16 December 2014 Prayers For MartyrsArmy Public School and College SystemPrayers For young Martyrs - 16 December 2017

Pakistan are standing united with the Nation

Christians, Hindus spiritual minorities of Pakistan area unit standing united with the state. I will see light vigil & prayer services all over within the world, I'm glad the world is standing with us on a black day in Pakistan & understanding our pain, we have a tendency to area unit fighting against coercion & have lost such a large amount of lives in a very few years. The world is aware of we have a tendency to area unit the victims lost several troopers & innocent voters. we are going to not stop educating our children. Pray for the families lost their innocent angels in Peshawar Attack. I hope the valuable sacrifice of the state won't be useless. Allah blesses Pakistan.

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