Amir Khan's Marriage Life

Introduction – Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Marriage Life Complete Details
Amir Khan's Marriage Life

Amir Khan (Boxer)

Amir Khan is a British boxing champion from Greater Manchester, England. He comes from a Muslim Pakistani family of Punjabi origin and belongs to the legendary tribe of the Jatt/Choudary.Who won the silver medal in Athens Olympics in 2004 and won the World Championship twice, he was born in Britain but he also has Pakistani origin.

Amir Khan Boxer

Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal Makhdoom was born on July 27th, 1991 and her birth place is Brooklyn, New York, the United States. The parents of Faryal are “Zia Makhdoom” and “Shawkat Makhdoom”. She graduated from Rutgers University School of Arts & Sciences in political science and journalism. Makhdoom grew up in a family brought her up on the basis of Pakistani background, she is 25 years old, model and a make-up artist, she is a Muslim, she has one brother “Muhammad Makhdoom”.

Amir Khan's Wife Faryal Makhdoom

Amir Khan And Faryal Makhdoom Marriage

Faryal Makhdoom became engaged to marry Amir Khan in January of 2012 when she was 20 years old.British boxer Amir Khan get married with his fiance Faryal Makhdoom on Saturday 1st June, 2013. Mehndi night was on Friday 31st June. The marriage ceremony was held at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, New York.The couple finally married on 31 May 2013 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The couple then flew back to Khan's hometown of Bolton where a second celebration, a traditional Walima, took place in Manchester, which included 4,000 guests.Their first child, a daughter named Lamaisah, was born on 23 May 2014.

Amir Khan Boxer and His Wife Faryal Makhdom Model Marriage Picture

Amir Khan's Marriage Group Photo With Family

Wedding of Makhdoom and Khan

The wedding of Makhdoom and Khan was very private in the United States in the highest areas of New York attended by hundreds of celebrities followed by another wedding in the city of Bolton and a thousand people were invited, Faryal described her wedding with Amir as a dream that she didn’t believe after a love story had been continued for 12 months, Farial Makhdoom and Amir Khan have had a daughter in 2014 “lamaysah Khan”, despite the differences in place of the upgrowth of the couple, Makhdoom was able to overcome the British accent obstacle that she had found it strange and new to her, and of course, Pakistani origins of both reduced the differences as well as the mutual admiration where they met for the first time through a mutual friend.

Amir khan Dancing at His Wedding

Farial Mkhaddouom is a destination for millions of fashion lovers, she   has a lot of followers on social media and her channel on Youtube for several reasons,   Faryal Makhdoom’s height is 5 Feet 3 inches, her weight is 49 kg, she tells her fans about fashion and how to show their best look through Faryal Makdoum channel, her style is unique due to it’s a mixure of Pakistani heritage, Western fashion and her new life in the United Kingdom, it’s believed that Makhdoom’s beautiful eyes and her lips are the secret of Faryal Makhdoom’s   attraction. The pretty lady Makhdoom cares a lot about her skin and health, she doesn’t do operations to get her ideal look, according to her.

Faryal Makhdom Mehndi Function

Couple Announced their Plans for a Divorce

In August 2017, the couple announced their plans for a divorce, despite Faryal being pregnant with the couple's second child.

The problems Faryal Makhdoum and Amir Khan face

The couple has been facing many problems during the first three years of their marriage because of the Amir Khan’s parents objection to Faryal’s life style that she doesn’t wear the hijab and her clothes that don’t comply with Islamic instructions, Faryal said   that she is a modern woman in 2017 who wants to travel to every place in the world freely and without restrictions, Amir’s parents may have wanted him to marry a pious Muslim Pakistani girl according to Faryal, she said they had beated her, treated her badly and cut her from family photos, The parents said that they had treated her as their daughter,   This quarrel caused great anger of Amir Khan, who described that by “childish acts”. He also threatened the parties that if they hadn’t been stopped this quarrel they would lose him as a son and a husband, this made Amir Makhdoom’s wife apologize for what she said and Faryal Makdoom explained her accusations that she had been angry.

But the problems between Faryal and Amir’s parents did not stop till the current month, Faryal asked her husband to choose whether her stay with him or his parents.

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom On twitter discussion

This followed by Amir’s comment saying

“My dad and I at the Pakistan versus India cricket match last weekend. We both had a great time together. Faryal and I decided to put everything behind us. She played a big part in helping me move forward. Life is too short”

“It’s the month of Ramadan. This is the month Allah asks us to clean our hearts and love one another. A lot has happened but my wife and I have accepted to move forward with a clean heart. We hope to expect the same from others? Ameen.”

Amir Khan Boxer and Faryal Makhdoom Model

He tweeted , “Past is the past. Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.” After he had posted a photo with his father in a cricket match, there was a video showing Amir Khan in a sexual conversation via Skype after his wedding a few days later and was posted on pornographic websites, causing Khan’s wife’s disgust, she said that the girl he had been chatting with via Skype is from Arizona who Amir has had a relationship with in 2010. Amir believes that his wife is well educated and wise woman and Faryal doesn’t care about what is said by his parents, according to Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom, so the couple are able to go on and Makhdoum’s love story with her husband Amir Khan make them forgive and overcome all the problems they face together.

Amir Khan and his wife Faryal got again Relationship

Pakistani-born British boxer has agreed between Amir Khan and his wife. On the social networking site, Amir Khan said that there have been problems solved between them. Boxer Amir Khan said that I want to end the year with Happines. On this occasion, Amir Khan shared his photos with the wife Faryal Makhdoom on Instagram.

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Again in a Relationship

Amir Khan Boxer With His Wife Faryal Makhdoom

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