Acid Attack

Acid attack is a violence which often remains invisible. Acid attack is an inhuman crime, whatever are the causes of acid attack but the consequences of acid attack are very painfull which can completely destroy a person physically and mentally.
Acid Attack

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It is basically an act of throwing any acid or any corrosive substance in order to harm that person or to kill that person. Mostly in Pakistan or outside Pakistan females become victim of acid attacks and mostly females of middle class or poor families become the victim. The most common types of acids used in these attacks are sulfuric and nitric acid. Hydrochloric acid is sometimes used but is much less damaging. In mostly cases people survive after hydrochloric acid. The consequences of these attacks include blindness or permanent scarring of face along with psychological difficulties and problems.

Causes of Acid Attack

Causes of Acid Attack

Family Disputes:

Family disputes can be the reason of acid attacks. While family relationships can bring support, joy and other wonderful benefits into our lives similarly it can also bring stress, tentions and many unresolved conflicts in our lives too and the worst thing about family disputes is that sometimes it ends with death because your family can be your biggest support and it also can be your biggest enemy. Sometimes in family disputes people don’t fear to throw acids and mostly the females of the family become victim of these disputes.

Refusal of Proposals:

It can be the other reason of acid attack. It mostly occurs when girls refuses to accept the proposal of a guy than for revenge they throw acid on girls or it can be due to other conflicts in a relationship. There are number of cases in which acid were thrown on girls just because of refusing the proposals but still no strict actions have been taken on such guys.

Status Jealousy:

Nothing can provide you more harm than jealousy of a person. Jealousy is no less than a disease. Money is the major cause of any problem there are so many people who will get jealous from you when u have enough money and because of this jealousy they would not be afraid to provide you harm which can be as a result of acid attack.

Due to Dowry:

There are many examples in which in laws throw acid on newly married girl just because she didn’t bring dowry or less dowry and it mostly occurs in poor families where no one take any action on this cruel act and in mostly cases girls don’t survive even her parents don’t take any action because of the system of our society where justice is hard to find.

Relationship Conflicts:

Relationship play an important role in anyone’s life. They can build us and they can completely destroy us too. Little conflicts in a relationship can sometimes badly harm you and such conflicts mostly occurs in husband and wife’s relationship where illiterate husbands throw acid in an anger and even in brother and sister’s relationship it also occurs.

Theft and Robbery:

Robbery is another reason of acid attacks. Many robbers throw acid when people try to rescue themselves. It is not only in Pakistan in fact recently in London 5 get hurt in Acid attack robberies. There are other number of incidents where acid were thrown during robbery.

Robbery is another reason of acid attacks


The attackers never know that what consequences these victim faces not only physically but mentally too. No one can feel that pain of these victims because after this attack they have to fight alone even their own families stop supporting them and that’s the harsh fact.

The attackers never know

Psychological Effects:

Many victims had to face the psychological effects which includes sympathetic behavior of their family, or taunting behavior of relatives where relatives and other members keep on taunting them in spite of knowing it well that how much they are suffering even their families often won’t accept them as a result they become aggressive and always shout on people and always keep on weeping. Other effects like eternal trauma, social isolation and suicide plan were also found.

Social Isolation:

It is somehow related to Psychological effects where people feel themselves isolated from the society because our stupid society instead of making them feel proud that how they are fighting against it they make them feel embarrassed because of their scaring face so they mostly prefer to stay at home and not to meet society.

Reaction of a Family:

Even the families of victims don’t accept them including their parents too. They feel ashamed to bring them with them and whenever they go outside people start doing gossips which can also vanish their self-esteem. When you don’t get support from your family than you won’t be able to come out from that pain because family support matters a lot.

Wrap Up Problem

Acid violence is widespread and prevalent in our society that remains often invisible. Women are unsafe and often become victim in their own houses too. Now it’s a time when we should take some steps otherwise we will never be able to vanish this cruel act.

6 months prison

Acid Attack

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The Nation

Yes Acid attacks should be classified as attempted murder and it's punishment should be equal to death not only 6 months prisons. And it is to all the victims don't give up don't bother what society says just don't loose your self-esteem. You are still beautifull in your own way. You are brave because not every one has the courage to put a smile on their face after such incident. Such cases should be considered there should be strict actions against attackers so that no onw will dare to do this crime.

Dear Girls don't be silent, speak up you can save many girls from this attack.

Don't be silent

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