A Piece of Peace

Let the peace overcome our Society now. Stop it in the beginning.Today it happened with Naqeeb Mehsood, tomorrow It would be any of us. Be united
A Piece of Peace

Weakness is what brings ignorance, cheapness, racism, homophobia, desperation, cruelty, brutality, all these things that will keep a society chained to the ground, one foot nailed to the floor . I never wish this for my Country for my people. We need to be strong rather than to be weak and killing innocent.
There's a lot of things that need to change in our systems and in our thoughts.We have a lot of people that are oppressed.

Naqeeb Mehsood

Who was he ? What was his crime ? What happened to him at last ?

Noone knows about his crime even the murderer are failed to justify this.

A few days ago Police arrested a handsome man from Agha Hotel Karachi. His name was Naseemullah Mehsud but he was famous as Naqeeb Mehsud.He lived in a village Rizmik of district Makeen, South Wazirastan .

Naqeeb Mehsood

Makin or Makeen is a small town in South Waziristan, Pakistan. It is located on the Y-junction between Sararogha and Wana. Just south of Razmak in North Waziristan. It is mainly populated by members of the Mehsud tribe. The Pakistani military has called it "the nerve center" of the Pakistani Taliban.Just north of Makin is the village of China, and the Taliban stronghold of Ladha is a few kilometers to the south.

Well After Wazirastan operation , Naqeeb moved to Karachi with his Family. From 2008 Naqeeb was doing work of steel mill loading with his uncle.

On 3rd of january 2018 afternoon at 3'o clk Police arrested Naqeebullah Mehsud as a suspect of terrorist. From Gul shehar Agha Hotel chapal garden, Sohrab goth Karachi. On 12 january we came to know that Naqeeb was shot dead in a fake police encounter .
His family was searching for him from days with hope and fear . They found   his dead body from Chhipa Center.
Naqeeb was a family man .He was a respectable and innocent citizen.He had a wish to be a Model. He had no links with any terrorist group. He had 3 kids, Naila , Alina and Atif.He had a wish to send his son in Pak Army. He was planning to start a cloth Businees in Sohrab Goth. All his dreams and Wishes brutally murdered by Sindh Police.

Murdered by Sindh Police
Police is still unable to tell that in which case they have arrested Naqib Mehsud. He would be burried in Dera Ismail Khan. Once again a tragic story is going to burried .
Now he is being discussed on all Social Media . People demanding justice for him. They have started campaigns of justice for Naqeeb Mehsud.

Trible areas have condemned this incident and Demand Justice for Naqeeb from Prime Minister, Sindh Government , Peoples Party , Chief Justice and Chief of Army Staff   and whereever they could approach.
This must not be ignored . This case of extra-judicial killing must be thoroughly investigated. High authorities should take stern action against those involved in fake encounter. He was abducted on January 3 and then murdered in an extrajudicial encounter . What was his crime that he belongs to Wazirastan ? If Police were right then why they don't revealed the investigation and why they are unable to provide the proof against him ?

Naqib Mehsud Arrested

Stop Violence

Raise your voice for Naqeeb before its too late and also for neglected people of FATA who have been struggling to be recognized as citizens of this country for 7 decades. We can politic over Palestine and Kashmir when our FATA brothers have equal rights.
At first place why countries have to introduced the police departments . They are here to provide us security , to help us . But what they are doing fromwhere people could seek help and security.
From past few days I am constantly amazed by man's inhumanity to man.This is Pakistan not a place for inhumane creatures to live and destroy it.We are still trying to seek Justice for all victimised of child abuse . Here a new story of cruelty took place.If Human beings are wild they become more wild then animals.
Such Heart breaking incidents have to stop now . We have to intoduce the strategies to stop all this game of brutalitty .
Humanity is not that difficult to understand it is inhumanity that I cannot decode.
Just a little piece of peace can cultivate the land of Happiness and success but inhumanity won't let it do that.


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  • A year ago 5Rating Stars
  • It's a sad news :( :( Unfortunately, we are living in an era where our lives are conditioned to Mullah's bigotry verdicts, and certificates of treason by the might. :( :( Defining moment, it's time to decide, will we continue to live in this era losing Mashal, Naqeeb Ullah and alike or it's right opposite?

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  • A year ago 5Rating Stars
  • its a sad story

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  • A year ago 5Rating Stars
  • Good work.

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