Social Media Sites, Blocked in Pakistan

Popular social networking sites are blocked in Pakistan
Social Media Sites, Blocked in Pakistan

Facebook and Tweeter Banned

Facebook and Twitter

Internet users in Pakistan are complaining that they are unable to access popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and all video uploading sites too. On 25th November 2017 Facebook and Twitter has been blocked in Pakistan and the reason of this blockage is Faizabad Protest which took place 17 or 18 days ago

The reason behind the protest is that a bill had passed according to which Ahmadi people will be allowed to enter in government but it all was done illegaly so protest had been done against it by a party ‘Tehreek e Labaik’.

protest had been done against it by a party ‘Tehreek e Labaik’


Well the deadlock between the government and the leadership of ‘Tehreek-e-Labaik’ persisted yesterday. Final warning was given to all the people who were doing protest otherwise government will take some strict actions.

Islamabad High court called the Islamabad Dharna an act of terrorism. ISI told supreme court dharna is being done by Tehreek only to gain political mileage before elections. So the social media has been banned by the PERMA just to stop people from updating or receiving any news about this protest.

Millions of people relied on social media for all updates on the events unfolding in the country. Many people believe that social media ‘black out’ is meant to stop users to post or upload any kind of image or news related to Faizabad protest.

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Pakistan's Big Encyclopedia Pakpedia

Pakistan’s biggest Web portal and biggest free encyclopedia of Pakistan were also down for 2 hours too when users were about to update their users about this blockage.

So many people tweeted on twitter about this blockage when social media was accessable to few areas. Social media celebrity Hamza Ali abbasi took to social media and posted about this incident too :

Tweet about Faizabad Dharna

Many other people tweeted too :

Norbert Almeida Tweeted

Rimsha Sajid Tweeted

Zahid Hameed and Zameer Ahmed Malik Tweeted

Hopefully every thing will be settle down soon. Pakistani's need to understand that nothing can be achieved by doing protest, they can settle down all the issues with peace.

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