Epitome of Imran Khan's Speech

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This blog describes the vision of IK which he demonstrates in his first speech after becoming the PM of Pakistan. Here comes the speech summary of Imran Khan consists of 46 points which are enough to make us impressed.
Epitome of Imran Khan's Speech

The journey which started in 1996 has finally come to an end and now officially he has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The bravery, the courage, the zeal and the zest which he showed in the last 22 years is hard to find but finally, he got the result in shape of becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. If word proud had a face then it would definitely look like Imran Khan because he has made us feel proud with his vision and he will make us feel proud after practically implementing them.

Here is a summary of his first speech as a PM which comprises almost 46 points.

1-    I will live in the Military Secretary House which has 3 rooms. I will keep 2 Cars that too because agencies want me to have security.

2-    I will auction all remaining cars.

3-    All Governor Houses and CM Houses will decrease expenses.

4-    None of our Governor House will be used by Governors. A committee will finalize how can we change these houses.

5-    PM house will be changed into a top-notch University.

6-    A task force under Dr. Ishrat Hussein will be made and they will see that how we can reduce our expenses in offices and system.

7-    We have a wrong habit of begging to other countries and we don’t feel bad about it. Countries don’t progress like this and most importantly people don’t respect such countries which always beg from others. I want to make this nation respectful. We will never beg from other countries. Out of 22 crores, only 8 lac people pay taxes so from now onwards I am the custodian of our taxes. I will make sure that everyone is paying their tax.

8-    Record Money laundering is done in every country so I will bring all your looted money back to Pakistan because it’s your property.

9-    We need to increase our exports. Our government will assist the industries.

10-    We will provide all the facilities to the investors. An office will be set up in the PM Secretariat to assist and help investors.

11-    Our many overseas Pakistanis are in jail so we will send a message to all the embassies to take care of our Pakistani prisoners.

12-    The biggest problem of our country is corruption which needs to stop now so will pay special attention to it.

13-    Dear overseas Pakistanis, we need your help please bring back your money and keep it in Pakistani banks.

14-    We will introduce whistleblower act which we brought in KPK. If anyone will help us to find out about the corruption then 20% if the recovered money will be given to them as a reward.

15-    I am keeping Interior Ministry with myself as I want to stop money laundering and control corruption.

16-    Be ready when I will catch corrupt people, they will definitely make a scene so in such case you have to support me.

17-    I will meet Chief Justice, we need to sort out justice systems including land issues and small cases which prolong for years.

18-    I request Chief Justice to pay special attention to all the widows whose lands have been grabbed.

19-    We have to help out those people who are in the jail for minor crimes.

20-    I want to commend a KPK police to revolutionize the Punjab police and for that, I have requested Nair Durrani and he agrees on it.

21-    Child abuse is increasing day by day. A quick action needs to be taken for it.

22-    We need to pay attention to an educational system of our country. There are many parents who can't afford private schools and those who can have to do multiple jobs to bear the expenses.

23-    The children in Madrassas should also become successful. We will bring them into the mainstream.

24-    Improving government hospitals is a very tough task so we need to examine them. We will launch health card insurance in all Pakistan.

25-    Water issue is very crucial and we need to do something really quick to make dams.

26-    We have to assist Farmers. We have to restart research on Agriculture.

27-    Civil service has to be reformed. We have to improve it. Whenever a common person comes to your office you need to treat them well for which you will be given bonuses.

28-    Local bodies will be introduced. City Nazism will be directly elected.

29-    We need to build approximately 50lac houses. I know it’s tough but not impossible.

30-    We will provide skill education.

31-    We will provide interest-free loans.

32-    We will build parks and grounds.

33-    Deforestation is a huge problem so we will plant as much tress as much as we can.

34-    Cleanliness is a half virtue so we have to Make our Pakistan neat and clean for which we will launch Campaigns.

35-    Tourism will be promoted. We will open more and more resorts.

36-    We will develop beaches in Karachi and Gawadar.

37-    FATA KP merger will be speeded up.

38-    We will pay special attention to Baluchistan.

39-    Karachi will be specially revamped and we will collaborate with the Sindh Government for this.

40-    We will implement a National action plan.

41-    South Punjab will be made a new province.

42-    We will develop good relations with our neighbors because Pakistan needs peace.

43-    Street Children, Widows and Handicapped will be given special attention.

44-    Always remember that I will never ever ditch you. I will never do any business and I will secure your money.

45-    Keep an eye on everyone. Whoever will do something illegal update on social media.

46-    One day we will not fine people for Zakat. I don’t know if I will be alive on that day but it’s my dream.

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